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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread

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Seph can you switch the Relationship Status and Gender Fields to fill in boxes? We have a few people it would benefit instead of Drop Down Boxes.

Apr 21, 17 at 1:52am

My chat function stopped working a few days ago (i can only read messages trough inbox,but not directly, i also can only access unread messages, but no read messages), however it seems to be a Firefox-only problem. Please have a look at that.

Edit: it also stopped working for chrome occasionally now. Really please check out on why this is.

Apr 21, 17 at 6:39pm

Any Idea why we can only send Pics/gifs on certain devices in Direct Messages?

Apr 23, 17 at 3:30am

The new events and make a friend feature is cool but doesn't seem to update.

May 18, 17 at 4:03pm

The ability to make threads on a mobile phone I made a thread but It pops up in the news feed but when I click on the thread it's not there also when I click on it it says error m.o has timed out

May 20, 17 at 4:04am

proof I made a thread

Doesn't show up in the area I made it in
this is what happens when I click on it in newsfeed

May 20, 17 at 4:19am
AnimeJunkie commented on Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread

I haven't been able to post in some of the forums lately, particularly in the introductions, for what ever reason. I changed my username recently if that makes a difference.

May 23, 17 at 1:40pm

I am running into an issue via the chatting system. It has an x and minimize option.
I select x on the conversations that aren't currently actively being talked in.

But for some reason, whenever I change a page. EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION I HAVE EVER HAD OPENS UP.
I keep get a message I started on the very first day I opened my account pop up which was "Thanks for adding." "Thank you for adding." We haven't talked sense. I have to close over 37 conversational tabs just to refresh my webpage. It makes it almost near IMPOSSIBLE to utilize the webpage. And it is causing a lot of stress preventing my from checking forum threads I am apart of.

Is there any way to get the conversations to stop popping up, when they haven't responded to me in over 14 days?

May 25, 17 at 5:00pm

Would like a way to completely wipe one's own "Recent Activity" section. Though, admittedly part of the issue is pretty much seeing any and all interaction a friend makes with others instead of it just being things I do or people mention me for. Otherwise, wound up unfriending someone not because I disliked them, but simply because all their stuff spammed up my section when I checked in.

May 31, 17 at 2:44am

why the heck is there no block feature?!

Jun 01, 17 at 9:58pm
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