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Whats the WORST part of breaking up?

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You know that feeling where you believe its somehow your fault that everything went under and you feel you could have prevented it? Yeah that.

Mar 19, 17 at 4:31pm

Depends on the situation

Mar 19, 17 at 10:05pm

When she remembers I still owe her $5....

Apr 06, 17 at 5:50pm

Me honestly worse part is the loneliness, atleast for me it is and feeling like what how would i have saved it

Apr 06, 17 at 8:33pm

the worst part of breaking up is the pain.
you cant help it once you love the person already and had been a part of your life.
you can never forget them but they are now all in the past.

Aug 13, 17 at 8:05am

Is Folgers in your cup

Aug 19, 17 at 4:10pm

Nothing compares to taking your kid away from you (if you had kids). My friends been there and it's quite a fucking ugly sight.

Aug 19, 17 at 7:15pm

Nothing compares to being married for 35 years and your relatively wealthy ex-husband trying to get even more money from you and telling lies to the children, especially the oldest. (well happened to someone close to me)

Aug 19, 17 at 7:45pm
greenumbra commented on Whats the WORST part of breaking up?

The pain, the crying ad vomiting from the pain, the depression, and thinking about why it happened

Aug 21, 17 at 9:50am

This song pretty much describes whats the worst part of breaking up .

Aug 21, 17 at 12:25pm
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