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Gay/bi/les dating

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Ed~ commented on Gay/bi/les dating

I'm a lesbian too

Apr 18, 16 at 4:06pm

@Ed Why, Ed? Why? xD

Apr 18, 16 at 4:36pm

Christian 27
Houston tx
Hair dark brown eyes drk brown

Sales a8
5'2 180 I loSt 20lbs my goal is 150 cx
Op. Tokyo ghoul wolf's rain rwby naruto outlaw star yu yu hakusho code geass air gear bleach death note list goes on
What you are looking for:someone I can be my self with

Personal values:my video games and cosplays,clothes

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal:leo

How'd you find this site?Google search

Apr 30, 16 at 7:05am
anon5213 commented on Gay/bi/les dating
This account has been suspended.
Apr 30, 16 at 11:23pm

http://www.maiotaku.com/mytopics/337/mytopics/29532 this is my 'AD' loookin for luv xxD lols

May 03, 16 at 4:00pm
anon5213 commented on Gay/bi/les dating
This account has been suspended.
May 04, 16 at 2:37am
Erica-chan commented on Gay/bi/les dating

Name/age: Erica

Location: Montreal, CA

Hair/eyes: changes/changes

Hobbies: guitar, painting

Music: british rock

Occupation/study: freelance artist

Height/weight: tall/not answering this is a trigger question as per my therapist

Animes: old school mecha, new school moe

What you are looking for: someone who will not be afraid of me and all the shit ive been thru

Personal values: 420 friendly

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: cancer

How'd you find this site? any otaku with an internet would find this site

May 24, 16 at 10:13pm

Name/age: - - - /18

Location: San Fernando, Southern Spain

Hair/eyes: Dark blond-brown (whatever you want to call it, people have described it as both)/ Brown

Hobbies: I love videogames (playing and watching videos) and I like anime aswell,althought not as much as videogames ^^

Music: Mostly Vocaloid and alternative/indie music

Occupation/study: About to begin my higher education

Height/weight: 1,73 meters (5,67585 feets) / 60 kg (132,277 lbs)

Anime's: I don´t have a really defined taste when it comes to genres, there are some animes I like and some I don´t . My favorite one is Elfen Lied tho.

What you are looking for: Someone protective and reliable, to be honest, I don´t really ask for much more ^^

Personal values: Rationality, honesty, friendliness and extreme loyalty to my values

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Capricorn I think, but I am really not into that kind of things

How'd you find this site?: I typed in Google "otaku dating" and this appeared, no more no less ^^

Jun 05, 16 at 9:39am

Name/age: Dillon - 19

Location: UK - Widnes

Hair/eyes: Original blond but dyed black I have really dark blue eye

hobbies: Games,3D modelling drawing

Music: jrock ,Marilyn Manson,black veil brides

Occupation/study: I'm studying art and design in collage

Height/weight: 5,7 8,30stone

Anime's: Attack on titan ,hell girl vampire knight and more

What you are looking for: I mainly go for females but I want to try bi to see if I am

Personal values: What

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal:

How'd you find this site?
My friend

Jun 05, 16 at 10:15am

Name/age: Edward, 15

Location: Utah America

Hair/eyes: brown, blue

hobbies: I like Xbox sometimes, anime and a little manga of course, and I love talking to my friends

Music: all kinds really, but I don't really like rap sometimes, more depends on the songs

Occupation/study: high school

Height/weight: 5'10 or around that, maybe about 150lbs, kinda thin

Anime's: look on my profile, it's there

What you are looking for: well, bi, so I'm looking for a guy or girl, not really specific about anything, just have to click, wouldn't to be cute though >u<

Personal values: I'd say my friend

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Gemini, year of the snake, not sure what my spirit animal is though, sorry

How'd you find this site?
I just looked up anime dating site

Jun 13, 16 at 7:11pm
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