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Anybody Has Plans to Live in Japan in the Future?

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Sep 18, 17 at 11:33am

i would love to live in japan its a beautiful country with amazing views and delicious foods although it might take sometime to move there ...

so for now staying during the summers will be a great start to see how the eviroment feels and the culture is...

my expections wont be high but for sure i will be excited for what japan holds for me and just maybe find someone special to share a laugh/smile with !

Sep 28, 17 at 12:26pm

I'm not sure if I'd want to live there, it definitely is a place I would like to visit though, I'm thinking of joining the military, and I know it's possible to be stationed in Japan, so hey, you never know.

Sep 30, 17 at 1:37am

I don't think I would live there permanently but I would love a holiday home there or something like that

Sep 30, 17 at 8:08am

I'm planning on moving there after I get my bachelor's degree. Then I might attend grad school there or just get a job and a work visa.

Oct 02, 17 at 8:46pm

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Dec 03, 17 at 10:23pm

im currently working on being a manga artist

if all goes well in the next month i may be able to attend a 1 or 3 month course revolving learning the japanese language as well as manga drawing.

in the end, i do plan on moving to japan to further my career as a manga artist (when i reach that level)

Dec 03, 17 at 10:28pm
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