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Would You Live in Japan?

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those small rural streets look so pretty, in and out of anime ^v^
best part about japan?
you dont need a car

Jan 05, 17 at 10:18pm

I have family in Tokyo. Also one of my best friends near Akiba. I'd live there

Jan 06, 17 at 12:19am

take me with youuuu

Jan 06, 17 at 1:11am

I haven't been since 2011. I might go during the summer. :D

Jan 06, 17 at 1:13am

i'll start practicing fitting into a suitcase

Jan 06, 17 at 7:14am

I wish i could visit other places i have never left japan in my life ;-;

Jan 07, 17 at 9:24pm
Gurren921 commented on Would You Live in Japan?

I almost did. You can teach English if you have a college degree and get paid a little as well.

Still might depending on things

Jan 08, 17 at 6:22pm

do whatever Yostubas dad does

Jan 09, 17 at 3:16am

Just a warning to anybody wanting to LIVE IN and not just visit Japan; the business culture is murder.

If you work anything outside of being an English teacher, be prepared to work ridiculous hours and "fudge" your overtime numbers so that they don't actually have to pay you overtime.

Also, be prepared to be told that you have accruable vacation time, but you're never allowed to take any of it; or at the very least be ready for a scolding if you do take it.

Make sure you that if you plan to quit, you give at least three months notice (six would be better), and keep in mind that no one likes to hire a quitter.

I'm exaggerating a little, but this is literally the kind of thing I hear from my friends in the workforce all the time.

Otherwise, private life in Japan is pretty fantastic (once you get past setting up a place to live). It's the most convenient, clean, and safe existence I've ever known. I miss that part all the time.

Jan 10, 17 at 3:55pm

yeah I wouldn't work in japan but I'd be open to something like retiring there. and really, the work culture's the only major problem I have with it.

Feb 01, 17 at 9:51pm
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