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Anyone going or went to Japan?

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I went to Japan two years ago for 2 weeks with my cousins. One week in Tokyo and one in Kyoto. It was fascinating! Akihabara, Shibuya, the food, the temples, the onsen... I loved it!

May 03, 16 at 7:16am

I'm going in two weeks! ^-^

May 06, 16 at 12:00pm
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿ commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿

im going in 2 weeks too lol

gonna study abroad there for the summer term and film every foking second

May 06, 16 at 11:04pm
Riolis commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?

thats 3x 2weeks in a row in a post. Illuminati confirm?

May 07, 16 at 1:59am

I'm going in two weeks and going there for about 4 weeks. Backpacking all over.

May 16, 16 at 11:12am

My dad's girlfriend has a cousin that has a seaside house in Japan. I'm saving up right now so that I can make my first trip out of the country and stay there for a couple of weeks ^_^

I wonder if there are mixed gender onsens~

May 17, 16 at 8:33am

@arc take me with you QAQ

May 17, 16 at 8:41am

I was there for a month two years ago.

May 17, 16 at 8:49am

I have lived in Japan for 2 months a while back. It was a neat experience. I was so confused though because I could speak nor read the language, but luckily a lot of people there spoke English, or if they didn't, tried their best to.

May 17, 16 at 2:16pm
manshiro commented on Anyone going or went to Japan?

Went to Japan this march for two weeks with some friends, mostly looking at tourist spots and enjoying the culture shock. I loved eating in the small restaurants everywhere.
Akihabara was so overwhelming with all the flashing billboards, but I loved it.
The most interessting and surreal moment I had was with a nice japanese woman who talked to me and my friends, and told us she had visited our country in the past before handing us some pocket money to spend in a nearby cafe. It took us several minutes to process that.

May 25, 16 at 1:12am
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