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Thumping Spike 2 (k-drama)

Jul 08, 17 at 12:22am

Sword art on line dint talk to me like that young boy for i am Taku Nelson and i am the god of anime (which is also real btw) *0w0* nuzzel el from attack on titrain is my life loved that part when Logan jumped out and saved thos kids xlolmaisd ps im a great role playing hook me up ladies and boy xxx owo love from your anime buddy/god The_darkNelson

Sep 04, 17 at 3:11pm

If you haven't watched this, you should watch Densha Otoko ♥

Sep 04, 17 at 4:50pm

The Korean version of City Hunter is god tier imo. Kwang Soo (Running Man) plays a minor role in it as well. Good Doctor was also top tier, but then again I'm partial to the idiot savant sort of plot. I haven't watched many kdramas, really, but honestly those two are a couple I would probably watch again.

I'm sure you've already seen Secret Garden, which I think was the first kdrama I really watched, and I enjoyed it. I Can Hear Your Voice was pretty good, though not as great was I was hoping in the end. The last suggestion I have is 'Big', which I think takes inspiration from the Tom Hanks movie of the same name.

City Hunter: It's about a highly talented young man who's out for revenge against a select few politicians, by means of violence. Heavily inspired off of the manga/anime.
Good Doctor: About a mentally challenged young man who aspired to be a surgeon and save lives, and shocked the entire country when he was actually employed.
Secret Garden: It's a pompous rich boy meeting a poor rambunctious girl. Plenty of those types, but this one is fairly good.
I Can Hear Your Voice: A young boy experiences a terrible accident, and subsequently somehow obtains the ability to read peoples minds by looking into their eyes. He decides to use his gift and his life to repay the public defender who stood up for him during the most pivotal moment of his life.
Big: An 18 year old boy nearly drowns when a man, soon to be married, jumps in and saves him. Through some sort of miracle, the two make it out alive, but the boy is in a coma, but what's an even bigger problem is that the mind of the boy is now in the body of the man.

Sep 13, 17 at 1:12pm
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