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Maid Cafes


Oh hey guys!! I'm actually going to Animazement 2016 in Raleigh, and they apparently got a maid cafe there!

So guess where I'm going?

May 19, 16 at 5:06pm
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡ commented on Maid Cafes
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡

I've been to a few in Akihabara, they were really good.. everyone was super friendly as well :D

May 19, 16 at 8:13pm
robok55 commented on Maid Cafes

Hey guys, do you know if there are any maid cafes around Los Angeles?

May 19, 16 at 9:40pm
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿ commented on Maid Cafes
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿

it never brought my attention, but ill be in tokyo next week and i might check it out

May 19, 16 at 11:15pm

Doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd care about visiting.

Owl cafes however....I'd definitely try to visit one of those!

May 20, 16 at 6:41pm
Haruu commented on Maid Cafes

I would only go if they have good coffee/food, but not for the novelty.

May 20, 16 at 11:32pm

I actually plan on opening one in the near future~ I'm not sure how maid outfits will go down in my city (Atlanta), but at least the waiters and waitresses will be kind, nerdy, and fun~ I wonder how different types of girls go down...

May 21, 16 at 12:50am
Riolis commented on Maid Cafes

^ Good luck with that mate. You need nekomimi and tails as well.

Been to Maid cafes, Idol cafes and Butler cafes in Akiba.

The food and coffee was horrible... and expensive. :/

May 21, 16 at 1:24am
shawnji commented on Maid Cafes

I was amazed at how much Akihabara changed from 2003 to 2009. In the old days, it was mostly electronics and a fair assortment of anime goodies, but in '09 it was covered in anime shops and maid cafes. I never hit up a maid cafe, but I've always been curious.

Jul 09, 16 at 12:51pm
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿ commented on Maid Cafes
O|̿ ̶̿'╮|̶͇̿ ̶͇̿ ͇̿ |͇̿ ͇̿

lmao i actually foking went with my school

it was the weirdest experience of my life, but with a bunch of friends its a blast

Jul 10, 16 at 12:40am
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