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Food? Sweets?

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[K0P] Jesus commented on Food? Sweets?
[K0P] Jesus

chocolate chocolate chocolaaaaaate~ and ice cream!

Apr 15, 17 at 10:44am

I like food and sweets. Maybe too much ^_^

Apr 15, 17 at 10:53am
SwarleySparklez commented on Food? Sweets?

Nikuman are the best, tasted a few in the Asian Food Cuisine c:
Even though it is a similar food back to my home country, I just love the meat inside it :3

Apr 15, 17 at 5:32pm

Green tea pocky

Apr 17, 17 at 5:45am

I love Pocky, Ramune, and things like the Japanese kitkats (Flavors i wish we had here T_T)

Apr 17, 17 at 2:13pm

Dango and Mochi are f*cking disgusting..

Apr 18, 17 at 9:33am
saeko commented on Food? Sweets?

Mochi/chi Icecream^ boy you better retry it immature ass pallete. Udon, sashimi, Japanese curry, ramen, chahan, yakisoba, shabu, chanko nabe, gyoza, daifuku, DANGO, and ofc KAKIGORI

Apr 30, 17 at 1:42am

food xD sweets is eh to me not much of a sweet eater

Apr 30, 17 at 2:39pm
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