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Favorite Japanese Food?

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Katsudon (/ω\*)☆彡♡♡

Dec 02, 16 at 11:46am

Mochi ^-^

Dec 04, 16 at 2:41pm

Mame mochi^^

Dec 06, 16 at 11:50pm

Sushi! I am addicted to the Rainbow roll. ^_^

Dec 08, 16 at 6:22am


An engineer of Honda seems to have seen Yakitori and have invented VTEC.

Dec 16, 16 at 5:38pm

Reading all this makes me very hungry ><

Dec 16, 16 at 5:51pm

Did you know that the sushi rolls we know in America are almost non-existant in Japan? Things like the Rainbow roll, or California roll are Americanized things. In Japan Nori is typically put on the outside of the roll, and not the inside. In Japan it is typically is just fish, rice, nori, and sometimes vegetables. They dont really add avocado, fruit, or dairy. (such as cream cheese)

Dec 20, 16 at 5:04am
christacookies commented on Favorite Japanese Food?

traditional ramen and daifuku mochi

Dec 20, 16 at 11:04pm

It aint exaaactly a japanese dessert but I have prepared Japanese Strawberry Short Cake, it was good on my opinion.

The key were obviously the strawberries, sadly my decorating skills aren't as good as my cooking ones, so the cake didn't looked particularly "good" but it tasted great.

Dec 21, 16 at 9:19am

idk if iv posted on this already but Meiji Apollo Chocolate is probz some of the only stuff i like

that and these small mochi things you ate with a tooth pick, that shits delicous

Jan 07, 17 at 6:04am
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