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Why Did You Join MaiOtaku?

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I Joined for what this Site has helped me find.
Happiness, A Wonderful Boyfriend and many amazing New Friend's.

Oct 06, 17 at 2:38am

This is the closest thing to social interaction I can handle

Oct 12, 17 at 1:14am

I guess what BZ Sub said.

Oct 12, 17 at 9:11am

It's a little escape and getaway from life. I get to be a little goofy and weird here then how i am offline (:

Oct 15, 17 at 4:17am

I was so sick of my bad luck with girls I fell in love with. Some were homosexual, some dropped me off if I am not any more needed(as friend or lover), and some just forget that I am still there. Those were all girls without any or mayby with a bit of a liking to otaku culture. I do not have any friends sharing this hobby. In that point one could say I am lonely, and that is what I am, a lone soul wlking his path of life.
Anyways I hope for some friends and good conversations about anime, manga, games, physical thought experiments, if Siracha or Tabasco is better, and on and on. Also maybe for a partner to share my hobbies with and make her happy, while she makes me happy.

Oct 18, 17 at 6:12pm
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