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Eggo commented on Kids

No kids *__*
Lots of fur babies thoughhh.

Aw Poor Snake D: Will they ever leave you alone aha.

Jan 26, 17 at 11:38am

This is MaiOtaku, everyone already got the wrong idea lol

Jan 26, 17 at 11:40am

The foundation of my existence is centered around wrong ideas...

Jan 26, 17 at 11:43am


Jan 26, 17 at 11:46am
RainX commented on Kids

At this juncture of my life, I'm completely undecided. It'd take a relationship of at least a few years and marriage in the conversation for it too happen. Although, I could very easily see myself being a dad at 50 and I know for women there's a bit more of a biological clock going as well.

Jan 26, 17 at 11:54am

I spent 10 years raising my older sister is kid's, so no thanks.

Jan 26, 17 at 1:13pm
camehameha commented on Kids

I would love to have children; however when I think about it,I get flooded with sorrow because I look at the world and I can see is all the fucked up things that happen here,but I guess I am going to have to follow the words of Ghandi "you have to be the change you wish to see in the world".

Jan 26, 17 at 6:20pm
Maydragon commented on Kids

I honestly don't know; if I can't figure out what is love and marriage, how am I suppose to think about children?
As a biologist, I'd say yes, and I'd prefer to have a boy. However, when I think about it seriously, the idea terrifies me since I have no idea how to take care of children and I'm afraid of giving bad influence.
Ain't no baby getting a baby.

Jan 27, 17 at 7:31am
heropun commented on Kids
This account has been suspended.
Jan 27, 17 at 1:08pm
[K0P] Jesus commented on Kids
[K0P] Jesus

@Adam My younger sister is trying to get pregnant from a total fuckboy, she has a habit of choosing people only because of their looks. I am scared I'll get stuck taking care of whatever shitty idiotic spawn they form....you're a great man for doing that shit I plan to drop contact with her if it happens

Jan 27, 17 at 6:28pm
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