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Yo! Whats your talent?

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Usagi commented on Yo! Whats your talent?

I'm really good at acting?? I've had several female lead roles as well as male lead roles.... I don't know if that counts?? I'm fairly good at ballet and ice skating as well.

I'm also very good with and ax and chainsaw as well but that's only because my summer job is yard work and log splitting

Aug 30, 16 at 6:09am

Being lucky, I think.

Aug 30, 16 at 6:48am

Well I am a level 73 Christmas Dragon Rider

Aug 30, 16 at 6:32pm
Tired of here. Inactive. commented on Yo! Whats your talent?
Tired of here. Inactive.

Fucking up relationships! I'm a master at that.

Aug 30, 16 at 7:32pm
Yu commented on Yo! Whats your talent?

Understanding other people's talents such as yours for proper grammar and writing.

Aug 30, 16 at 8:00pm

I'm good at being very quiet. I can be so silent that I scare people when I'm not trying to.

Aug 30, 16 at 11:14pm

I'm really good at sleeping. I can sleep almost anywhere anytime.

Aug 30, 16 at 11:21pm
Khadrian commented on Yo! Whats your talent?

I'm quick to learn, but also, unfortunately, quick to move on to something else, so I never master anything. For example, right now I'm working, though not intensively, on: Writing, Drawing, 3d Modeling/Sculpting, 2d Animation, Musical Composition, and (sort of) programming. My lack of focus is probably my biggest flaw to my greatest strength, lol...

I'm really good at achieving the goals I set, but usually stop right after that in order to move onto something else. Oh, but I'm also kinda of bad at making goals in general, especially recently, so maybe that's no longer a talent of mine.

Sep 01, 16 at 8:33pm
Khadrian commented on Yo! Whats your talent?


Somehow I believe you. Please spare some of the talents for the rest of us.

Sep 01, 16 at 8:40pm

I have a talent for social awkwardness

Sep 01, 16 at 9:22pm
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