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A-kon 28


They hype is real!

Especially since I get to do Ahegao Academy this year!
All the hype!

May 26, 17 at 2:11pm

Is that a panel or something?

May 26, 17 at 3:15pm

It is!
it's my panel. :3

May 31, 17 at 1:20am

So can any akon veteran show me around since this will be my first convention in texas and it looks to be bigger then the ones I went to when I lived in utah

May 31, 17 at 9:34pm

Well this is the first year a-kon is in this venue, so we all would be walking around like chickens with their heads cut off.

But if you just wanted someone to hang out with, I'm down.

Also side note, anyone need a room space, i have one for $120
folks bailed and didn't even tell me.

Jun 05, 17 at 1:19pm

I'm going Friday-Sunday! Luckily I live pretty close to Downtown so I don't have to go through the trouble of finding a hotel QwQ Looking for more friends to hang out with and I'm gonna be wearing sweet lolita on Friday and then cosplaying as Yuri Plisetsky on Saturday for the YoI meetup

Jun 06, 17 at 2:47am

Well then it's headless chicken time then since none of my friends are going this year so I have nobody so if people want to join me in my ventures I'm fine with that. I'm going all days for akon and I also live fairly close

Jun 06, 17 at 9:20am

So I'm going as an ouran high student the first 2 days if you want to find me and hei from dtb the last 2 days

Jun 08, 17 at 9:21am
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