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MaiOtaku Discord Server - An Open Letter

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It sounds like an Adventure haha

Jun 02, 17 at 7:05pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the many work i done for that other discord has now came to an abrupt end.
But i continue my work and will keep doing so. You are free to join other channels of course, but please join https://discord.gg/Na5SveY . It's far from perfect and not fully finished. But we would all appreciate it if you gave us a chance.

Because actions speak louder than words.

Jun 16, 17 at 12:11am

An update:

Real life has kept me....gone lately. When I wrote that open letter I was under the belief that my separation from my fiance' was done and over with. I'm a fairly private person so the short version: It wasn't, and it was ugly.

With that being said, my commitment to this still stands, and while I understand the appearance of a 4 month hiatus is not the most confidence inspiring, I own up to choosing to focus on getting my own life back in order before taking on more than I would have been able to handle at the time. If there are still people interested, I find myself in need of friends. As it would turn out, when you "divorce" someone, the first person to go public is the "truth" so I do not have a life anymore.

I understand and respect if the confidence my original post created has been lost, but I feel that if we want to have someplace to call home for ourselves, we cannot be willing to settle for less than what we want for ourselves and for others. With that being said I would like to build this place with a collective of folks looking for:

-A PG-13 stable social environment for people to meet new friends

-Not a "dating" focused server. The removal of that designation will allow people to make friends, which is what anyone should do before ever crossing into the world of "dating" anyone.

-Potentially organized rabbit events where movies or anime episodes will be streamed so everyone can enjoy them together.

-A non threatening, no harassment policy. That being said, I'm not hosting a "safe space"

-Politics, Religion, World view discussion is allowed and will be in -one- channel. If the discussions get toxic, then it isn't a discussion and it will end.

Other formatting and structuring needs to be determined as this is only the baseline I have come up with on my own. I need other women and men to join into this on an organizational level to not only benefit from it but to help in its inception. Inbox me here on MO or you can add me on Discord directly at Testarossa#7698.

I am hopeful that there is enough interest to build a social networking method that is more readily available to people when they need someone to talk to,


Jun 30, 17 at 8:29am

Well, with the exception of the events, that's basically already what my server and Dom's server do. But some members are testing out the waters regarding events, initally focussed on gaming, but maybe more in the future.

If you go on your own, best luck though, #NoEnemies. A dream of a unified group for all MO will unfortunately never happen, and i think it doesnt really need to. Many of my members are free to join other servers as well, it's not an issue.

Jun 30, 17 at 2:55pm

You will forgive my skepticism with your username on the "No Enemies" bit right? :P

Jun 30, 17 at 2:56pm

Haha fair enough.

Jun 30, 17 at 4:01pm
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