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I might just start a full on group

May 11, 16 at 3:33pm

So, do we have a Skype group for out lil website here? If so I'll toss my Skype name up

May 11, 16 at 9:20pm

Well if people are still chatting, if you add me, make sure you let me know you're from MO. whughes1313

May 13, 16 at 9:04am
Xingu commented on Skype?

I have skype! It's connected to my facebook though, so I have no username for it.
Although, if you search my skype name (which is Neuha), you should be able to find me. I am the one that says South Korea ^^

May 13, 16 at 1:20pm

Forgot to add my username to my previous post, Milliahakumei

May 13, 16 at 1:57pm

My Skype is Otaku King, feel free to add me.

May 15, 16 at 7:24pm

I lied its Final King now.

May 15, 16 at 7:32pm
adamyami commented on Skype?

I got skype add me at kirito_290

May 17, 16 at 2:34pm
renpai commented on Skype?

Feel free to add me and hit me up: zynnextheone

May 17, 16 at 3:08pm
RX-37 commented on Skype?

I have Skype but i dont have a mic i use the text when iam video chating. If you can deal with that add me its
Creedim Kcreock. Its the one with the quote the other is an old account i lost the password too.

May 17, 16 at 3:57pm
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