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Come One, Come All! Skype Group!

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i invented this group

Mar 01, 14 at 12:59am

Generic Leviathan o0o0o0o already a member.

Mar 01, 14 at 1:00am

Hanen's a baka.

Mar 01, 14 at 7:27pm

Mines is Tsukiko625 please add me~

Mar 06, 14 at 10:30pm

Ive been an admin and have managed several skype groups for years. I feel i have to say something:

One of first things you're gonna run into with growing groups is lag. Text chat lag mainly and calls glitching out (calling over and over)because the skype servers still think the original host is hosting.

There isnt a solution, you simply have to wait.

That being said i think this group is a great idea and im not trying to discourage you guys. Its just something to watch for.

My skype is roukuro

Also dont forget to drop by the tinychat as well.

Mar 07, 14 at 2:59am

We're run into one problem, and that's seki breaking the skype button. Other than that no major problems at all, it's actually the first time I've seen something like this happen to a skype button, being in many huge skype groups myself.

Mar 07, 14 at 11:29am

Fuck, I dunno. Do I have to pour up with shins constant teasing?

Mar 07, 14 at 12:12pm

…. I didn't break it. It just doesn't - And I'm so gonna regret saying this, but it might be the truth - It doesn't like my mac :L


Mar 07, 14 at 3:10pm


Add meh!

Mar 09, 14 at 8:54pm


Mar 10, 14 at 5:39am
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