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Would you marry the person above you?

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It's a trap, don't buddle his cutt

Jul 11, 17 at 9:22pm

mikan knows im a faggy guy

Jul 11, 17 at 9:28pm

Lol, then case closed

Jul 11, 17 at 9:34pm

yep, girly faggy guy that is somehow not fully gay and prefers the females with dicks.

like mikan, she has a dick, im currently trying to convince her to shoot her load on my hair

im trying to get hair pregnant.

Jul 11, 17 at 9:42pm

I'd marry mikan....i wouldnt marry loli but i would have a one night stand with him/her (i didnt just assume your gender)

Jul 11, 17 at 11:34pm

Id marry Panda in a heartbeat but then would probably cheat on him with my 2d waifu Uraraka then probably die to an overdose.

Jul 11, 17 at 11:52pm

Jul 12, 17 at 12:10am

i don't do one night stands, so fuck off.

Jul 12, 17 at 12:23am

How about two nights then?

Jul 12, 17 at 12:41am

if you doing an any night stand with me, its for fucking life, my human onahole.

you belong to me. you are my property. and i will stain you so everyone knows it.

Jul 12, 17 at 1:11am
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