Worst anime ever watched?

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Aku no Hana, reminds me of Camus The stranger.
And the outro is too creepy.

Dec 08, 17 at 2:49pm

"D.Gray-man." I hate it with passions, even wrote a review for it, but myanimelist admins took it down, because it was too "edgy" or offensive.
Its a 103 episodes of fillers. God I hate it so much.

Dec 08, 17 at 3:01pm

SAO, and it is sad to say, that was my first anime.

Dec 17, 17 at 6:29pm

I'm soooooooo sorry

Dec 17, 17 at 6:38pm

Gantz, the op was awesome though

Dec 17, 17 at 6:46pm

Tis fine, at least I understand how bad it was. Also, screw Netflix for introducing it to me.

Dec 17, 17 at 7:22pm

Next time watch one piece first or seven deadly sins

Dec 17, 17 at 7:31pm

I shall attempt to remember that for the next life. Though I will give advice to my children if and when they exist. Can't have them be corrupted by bad series.

Dec 17, 17 at 7:51pm
bakuman commented on Worst anime ever watched?

Don't know if it's the worst, but I stopped watching Fairy Tail after 10 episodes. Couldn't get into it.

Dec 19, 17 at 2:32pm
zandrolini commented on Worst anime ever watched?

I don't think this forum thread is a good idea... I mean, aren't there so many genres and series to fulfull everyone's likes ? this forum will only make people resent each other for hating their own favorite Anime...how does this help to get to know new people ?

Dec 19, 17 at 2:43pm
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