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Anime - Fall 2017 Season

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OMG I just watched it. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOD explains so much. Its a prequel to the shorts or w/e first 3. I wanna find this manga/book and read it. I LOVE ITTTTTT!

Oct 08, 17 at 6:32pm

Im super excited for the Ancient Magus' Bride! I adored the 3 episode backstory we got and am totally pumped for the season!! A few other shows I'll keep an eye on are Juni Taisen, Black Clover, and season 3 of Food Wars

Oct 08, 17 at 6:45pm

Also March Comes in like a Lion season 2.
Personally loved the first season!!

Oct 08, 17 at 6:50pm

Watched Episode 0 of Idolmaster Side M, because I had to know. It's pretty good, but man it is totally not for me. Also watched Kino's Journey, which from episode 1 is exactly what I wanted, just more travels. Maybe I'll get a chance soon to see other random stuff. Also anyone know if UQ Holder if the first season of the UQ Holder story cause it says 2 on it which is confusing me.

Oct 09, 17 at 1:26am

@Wesley, thank you very much for the short impressions. It helps me alot to choose some animes :)

Oct 09, 17 at 6:23am

Mahoutsukai no Yome
Ousama Game The Animation
Evil or Live
They look really good

Oct 09, 17 at 7:58am

'UQ Holder!' Ep. 02

Absolutely shameless. And the new character is a total trap. This may be a continuing theme for this show.

Oct 10, 17 at 12:01am

'Kekkai Sensen & Beyond' Ep. 01

This is the second seasons. And it's just as crazy as the first, if not more so. Poor guy.

An insane city of monsters where anything is possible. This will probably be one of the better ones to watch this season.

Oct 10, 17 at 12:32am

@elhaym You're very welcome.

Oct 10, 17 at 12:34am

'Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara' Ep. 02

Again, this is just a short 3 minute episode. But if you like alcohol, you might want to watch it for some recipes.

That girl was way to tipsy for it being so early in the day.

Oct 11, 17 at 12:10am
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