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So much for Skinny version of Mr. Buu, I would expect to see more of him fighting others.

Jun 12, 17 at 9:19am

This entire arc has been full of Goku giving false promises. Man, for one pure of heart, he's throwing out enough lies to run for office, LOL

I'm loving Freeza's portrayal so far, this is the best we've seen of him for a while because now he has something different to do other than just 'grrrr kill Goku, grrrr vengeance, revenge' and I like his classic villainy.

Jun 17, 17 at 9:42pm

And now is finally hereeee!!! The tournament just a few days away :D

Jun 18, 17 at 11:48pm

Can't wait, though they should totally change the intro to replace Buu's scenes with Freeza's.

about 18 hours ago
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