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Hate when your anime or manga become popular?

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I liked haganai it was a fun anime and manga. I have yet to see such a cease and desist order work until yesterday when kissanime announced that there getting hit with DMCA reports.

Mar 18, 17 at 1:00am

Wait kissanime is getting hit by DMCA.

Mar 18, 17 at 1:03am

It was a great Harem where they actually called him out, thats really what it takes for me to get into one something to differentiate it.

Mar 18, 17 at 2:52am


Mar 18, 17 at 8:03pm

It depends. Not much of a fan of bandwagon but hey if everyone likes what I like than I have no problem with it just hate it when people say they do yet don't. It's rather annoying

Mar 19, 17 at 2:59am
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