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What anime/manga have you recently started

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Half way through Death Parade. I wish there were more anime like it.

Nov 01, 16 at 8:45am

Just recently collected the entire One Piece series and am all caught up in the manga, currently waiting to get my preordered copy of volume 80 :)

Nov 01, 16 at 4:08pm
Wandering Weeb commented on What anime/manga have you recently started
Wandering Weeb

watching: natsume book of friends.hero academia,eromanga,kado the right answer,busuo shoujo,akashic record,sakura quest,hinako note,little witch academia,zero kara,re creators,renai bokun and shuumatsu nani.

Jun 18, 17 at 11:53am
Sour Peach

Started watching "Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine" and "Kabukibu!" as a joke with a friend...but we ended up liking them lol

Jun 18, 17 at 7:14pm

At the end of last year I read the 3 original volumes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and watched the anime as well.
This year, by the time that my birthday comes around (which is in a month), I'll be buying the 3 volumes of Puella Magi: A Different Story.
Also, I'm almost finished watching the Lucky Star anime. I only have 4 episodes left until the end of the second season.

Jun 18, 17 at 7:27pm
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