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Anime english subbed or dubbed?

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i watched dubs when i first started watching but now if i try watching a dub it makes my ears bleed. The subs just do a better job of getting the emotions across.

Aug 29, 17 at 11:54am

I would say subbed,because it sounds more natural and the japanese voice actors put a lot of effort and emotion into "being" the character. I have to admit,I ve seen a few excellent dubbs (Hetalia being the best in my opinion,plus Soul eater,OHHC etc.) but most of the time the english actors sound so cold,monotonous and like they're bored. Half of the time,the voice doesn't even match the character (its too high-pitched,too raspy,not deep enough etc.) But,as I said,there are quite a few good or better dubbs,but if I m watching the show for the first time,I would go for the sub.

Aug 30, 17 at 5:28pm

I dubbed but as soon i learn understand japanese i wake sub then the words go to fast for me to read it myself.

Sep 02, 17 at 5:07pm
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