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Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?

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Some good ones I've finished are K, Rosario + Vampire, kenichi histories mightiest diciple, and I finished like half of deadman wonderland but I'm not sure if they ever came out with the rest of the episodes, I can't find them anywhere. Their all fairly good anime's through! :3

Jan 12, 16 at 10:48am

It was probably last week sometime that I finished School Live

Jan 13, 16 at 7:06am

Great Teacher Onizuka

Jan 18, 16 at 10:11pm

The recent anime I finished was Tokyo Ghoul Season 2. The progress on finishing that anime was so slow. I'm currently watching Kill me baby but I'm taking way too long to finish it just like the other animes. I get bored.

Jan 18, 16 at 11:59pm

I have recently finished

The Seven Deadly Sins
Noragami (both seasons)
Ushio to Tora
Tokyo Ghoul (both seasons)
Accelerated World
thats all that i can remember that i have recently finished

Jan 19, 16 at 12:49am

love chunibyo & other delusions. I find it wacky and funny

Jan 19, 16 at 1:16am

Dance with Devils - I honestly dont know why (-_-)

Jan 19, 16 at 4:48pm

Lets see...

Kill la kill
the irregular at magic highschool

Then I re watched
Tokyo ghoul
Sword art online

Had a few days off so i binged ^.^

Jan 20, 16 at 12:07am

Ghost in the Shell Arise series. Get more of dat cyber punk yo!

Jan 20, 16 at 1:10pm

Steins gate and Cowboy bebop. Loved them both :-)

Jan 20, 16 at 1:32pm
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