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Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?

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Just finished watching Ore Monogatari!!

It's very sweet.

Dec 25, 16 at 12:59pm

just finished Hibike! Euphonium season 2 today. So sad it's over.

Dec 28, 16 at 2:08pm

I just finished Haikyuu! but I'm pretty sure another season will be out after that so idk if that counts xD

Dec 29, 16 at 9:38am


Pity it ended where it did. Would like to see more of Ryuuji and Taiga.

Dec 29, 16 at 10:56am

The most recent anime that I've finished was Erased and it was, I think, the best I've ever watched. The art was good, the actors were great, and the plot was really great.

Feb 11, 17 at 7:52am

Most recent I watched was Anohana. What a show that was.

Feb 11, 17 at 2:14pm

Izetta the last witch
Alderamin on the sky
Rwby season 4

erased was emotionally Fantastic c:

Feb 11, 17 at 4:28pm

Sword Art Online is what i ust got done with, both season one and season 2. I cried in season 2 though just so harsh and it hit so hard in the end of it all.

Feb 12, 17 at 2:03am

ReLife... I've been meaning to watch that one for a while, but only just yesterday had free time to sit and watch an episode... Ended up watching all 13 the same day. The story pulled me right in and hooked me. It was way too rushed and ended way to fast. I wish there were more episodes to watch. Definitely worth watching.

Feb 13, 17 at 5:35am

Yuri on Ice and Haikyuu I think, both are getting another season though so I'm excited! Tsukki's kill block made me cry it was so beautiful T^T

Feb 14, 17 at 10:29pm
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