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Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?

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Jun 26, 15 at 12:25am

Yesterday re-watched "Is it ok to pick up girls in a dungeon?". instantly fell in love with with show.

Jun 28, 15 at 7:14pm

*checks my Hulu*
Oh yeah, I finally finished Parasyte a little while ago, and Maria the Virgin Witch right before it. Somewhere in there I also finished Polyphonica S

Jun 28, 15 at 9:29pm

School Days

Jun 29, 15 at 1:53am

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Jun 29, 15 at 11:49am

Ore Monogatari! I watch it with my younger sister and she has learned to squee all on her own at the cute moments.

Jun 29, 15 at 1:33pm

Hunter x hunter!

Jun 29, 15 at 9:58pm

Say I Love You :( stayed up all night watching that sh*t. Think it was like 6:30 a.m. my friends found me half dead on the sofa so they had to pry the remote from my hands then I started mumbling something about being an immortal vampire so they made my delirious azz go to sleep. Cutt me off in the middle of epi. 12, finished the rest later. Overall great show!

Jul 01, 15 at 12:54am

is it wrong to try tp pick up girls in a dungeon <3

Jul 01, 15 at 2:56am

I finished Choujigen Neptune The Animation today. Had to skip a few scenes that had a certain annoying character...other than that it was from start to finish.

Jul 01, 15 at 4:06am
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