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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

Hey im goku...from Michigan and dragon ball was my first! 7th Grade was flipping through channels. I'd seen it before and thought it was dumb...but this time....I couldn't look away. I'm now 19 and a full blown otaku.

Jun 18, 17 at 2:35am

I was a kid and I used to think Inuyasha was awesome lol I usef to root for Sesshoumaru <3 still one of my favorite anime characters even though I'm not s fan of the anime anymore XD

Jun 18, 17 at 3:26am
Wandering Weeb

first anime to watch is super boink,sailor moon and dragon ball. but what made me a full weeb is clannad.

Jun 18, 17 at 3:36am

My name is Jorge and the second to first anime that turned me into a lover of anime

was Battle Athletes.

Jun 19, 17 at 6:29pm

Inuyasha and hunter x hunter

Jun 20, 17 at 7:45pm

Akame ga kill, lol.
It was the first anime i saw on the animelist from that site which i cant remember
and it had an english word in it.
I watched an animated movie in 7th grade!!! I remember now. I also remember everyone in my class disliking it i was kinda like.. Oh but I kinda liked it... :x

Jun 22, 17 at 11:12am

the first anime i watched that turned me into an otaku would have to Mirai Nikki

Jun 22, 17 at 6:11pm

My first anime was dbz, i had watched several others around the same time i was watching dbz then i stoped watching anime for around six years then seen rosario vampire and have been watching anime since.

Jun 27, 17 at 12:06pm

Hi I'm Casey the first anime I watched was sailor moon but what got me hooked on anime was Naruto

Jul 08, 17 at 6:08am

My name is Daylon and the first anime I watched has to be Akame Ga Kill.

Jul 08, 17 at 6:13am
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