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18 year old Male
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Vinserah left a comment for xel

Hi there! Thnx for adding me. ^-^)/''

Dec 03, 17 at 11:16pm

why do people I care about have to suffer

Dec 02, 17 at 8:40pm

Ello! Thanks for the add!

Nov 14, 17 at 12:29pm

anyone wanna talk

Oct 04, 17 at 8:06pm

anyone wanna talk im bored

Sep 25, 17 at 3:57pm

Sep 03, 17 at 7:25pm

Sep 03, 17 at 7:24pm

Sep 03, 17 at 7:24pm

A vessel within its molding binds
The path of life and death
Consumed relentlessly
In vigorous sodomy
Its influence is infinite and so its will

The gathering of all
Assembled in flesh and in blood
He commands them
I dwell within his hollow mind

As he feeds on my memories
An orgasmic release

Like a flock of birds in the night
Succumbed to the stench of a corpse
I can taste the end
I'd hope he'd never leave me
The warmth of rotting meat
Exfoliates my pores
Becoming one with his skin

I can't remember my name or my face
Engorging on the masses
And I fucking love the taste
I've never craved of mutilation in my wildest dreams
But I just can't escape the elation of their dying screams

I've felt memories slip from my grasp into the void
Internal condemnation I feel it bleeding
Tauting the essence of my existence
Replaced are the memories of me
I've lost sight of it all

Its infamy scars
The bones underneath my coat of flesh
The pain is seething
It dwells beneath this tourniquet

I'd hoped he'd never leave me
The warmth of rotting meat
Exfoliates my pores
Becoming one with his skin

I writhe in pleasure as the buzzards circle
The experience of hell, death and misery
In unimaginable pain screaming and gasping for air
Inside a tomb of the dead

Staring at the mirrored image paralyzed
Horrified at the shell of the man I have become
The gathering of all
The gathering of all

Wisdom so unnatural volumes it speaks
Encapsulated in his arms
To never be released

A mire of sorrow blankets the ring
Washing the purity from the face of sentience
Containment reeking of prosperity as it consumes hope and fear
Replaced I am

I've lost sight of it all

Sep 03, 17 at 6:32pm
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