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20 year old Female
Likes: Males
Last online 28 minutes ago
Zagreb, Croatia
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animefan4life left a comment for Tonka

Feb 22, 17 at 5:50pm
Project Shadow left a comment for Tonka

Feel free to PM

Feb 20, 17 at 1:31pm
Project Shadow left a comment for Tonka

Thanks for the request

Feb 20, 17 at 1:16pm
Shadxlight left a comment for Tonka

No prob! Thanks for accepting!

Feb 20, 17 at 8:35am
♫Jasmine♫ left a comment for Tonka

Hey ^^ thank you for the friend request

Feb 12, 17 at 5:46pm
nyusha left a comment for Tonka

Hi Tonka, thanks for the add and nice to meet you :)

Feb 11, 17 at 1:26am

Awesome :) can't wait to play with you then I can add you to my group :) there will be 3 girls now yay. Not much girls in my group lmao.

I seen it cuz my brother plays it. It looks pretty cool.

Feb 10, 17 at 12:01pm

Awe :( I was think about playing smite though never played it before haa.
Yeah I'll send you my summoner name. I can never get bored of never winter and leauge.

There a game I may try heard it fun too. It also an mmo game though. My brother plays this game called black dessert I watch him play a few times seem pretty cool ans fun may download it.

Feb 09, 17 at 3:25pm
elhaym left a comment for Tonka

Alola, thx for adding me :)

Feb 09, 17 at 2:47pm
Lackluster Fox left a comment for Tonka

thanks for the request. have a nice day~

Feb 09, 17 at 2:33pm
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Tsubasa Chronicles
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Fruits Basket
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