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Yuki-chan left a comment for Teacup

Hey Teacup! How have you been?

about 14 hours ago

Killua when he is older? Hmm idk i really cant wait for the story to start back up the manga-ka is back to making chapters but like who knows how long that will be.

Jun 20, 17 at 5:47pm
Plastic~❄ left a comment for Teacup

I'm great!
How are you?

Jun 20, 17 at 1:04am
Plastic~❄ left a comment for Teacup

Thanks for the add ^^

Jun 19, 17 at 10:22pm
Formless left a comment for Teacup

The bugs got you? What kind of bugs are we talking here? Is this an infestation? Have you been bitten? Do you need help? I'm on my way.

Jun 17, 17 at 9:38am
Max left a comment for Teacup

How's my favorite American woman doing?

Jun 16, 17 at 4:29pm

Jun 16, 17 at 2:32pm
Muffin-Senpai left a comment for Teacup

"CIrca 1999 ed. Couldn't have said it better myself.... Hiei or Killua ... now that's tough. Maybe I just love Togashi?"

 My little teacup is growing up *teardrop* she's losing her pedophilia

Jun 16, 17 at 7:14am
Teacup lmao I felt so pedo tonight... there is a prepubescent bath scene in the 99 one... it just felt so wrong okay!?!?
Muffin-Senpai ROFL! !!! It probably felt so wrong because it felt so right to you x'D
Muffin-Senpai I'm dying from laughter right now lol
Teacup NGL.. I did a double take... but then i was like "cringe, no, just no" He's so much older like in the 2011 version.
Muffin-Senpai NGL? He almost got ya for a moment xD It's okay. Most people have at least one similar experience eventually lol.
Teacup Not gonna lie. Is that not really an acronym? lol mighta made it up. MOST PEOPLE? Just bc you do/did doesn't mean it's normal! hahaha
Max left a comment for Teacup

Why hello there~

Jun 16, 17 at 5:33am
FinalSmile left a comment for Teacup

I can't sing to save my life. I have visited Cincinnati a couple of times. Probably more than I have visited Cleveland honestly. The town I live in is average size perhaps a little on the small size for a suburb but route 2 runs right through it so it is easy to get around. I prefer to stay home most of the time though. How do you like California?

Jun 16, 17 at 2:06am
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