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Saint Kai left a comment for sweettaku

Merry Christmas, Sweettaku!! :)

Dec 25, 16 at 9:32pm

hi id love to talk on here or kik:chaseblair2598 also love the kakashi cosplay

Dec 06, 16 at 9:34pm

Nov 21, 16 at 8:29am

Nov 16, 16 at 9:00am
zombie slayer nice look good and cute
Sparky left a comment for sweettaku

KAKASHI SENSEI!! x3 okay I had to say hi, haha. Hope you're having a good weekend! Love the cosplay!

Oct 30, 16 at 1:21am

That is because when I was cleaning up my friends' list, I accidentally unfriended you

Sep 26, 16 at 10:24am

"It's a bad habit of mine. When I concentrate on one thing, I forget other important things." - Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango)

Sep 06, 16 at 8:55am
zombie slayer that not that bad i do the same thing like u like when i am watching anime i frogit about avery that i was spos to do iv when i am spos to go to bed i and up watching tv or playing videos all night
hallbm03 left a comment for sweettaku

Thanks for the add!

Feb 19, 16 at 8:28am

Angel Beats:

Otonashi wakes up and realizes he is dead. Yuri a girl holding a rifle lets him know that they are in the afterlife, once he learns what is going on he realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Yuri tells Otonashi that she is the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront and that they are in war with a girl named Tenshi. Otonashi doesn't believe that Tenshi is evil, so he decides to speak to her but things doesn't go as he expected.

After all that happens Otonashi decides to join the Afterlife Battlefront and take down Tenshi, but he finds himself wanting to know more about her. During the time Otonashi is trying to regain his memories and get to know Tenshi, he starts to reveal the mysteries of the afterlife world.

You can stream this Anime for free @crunchyroll and @Funimation
More anime reviews @Anichat
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Feb 17, 16 at 8:48am
zombie slayer the last of the shows is sad and happy but to me musly sad

hello ^^

Feb 08, 16 at 11:02pm
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