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azarhime left a comment for sureyoureKen

Yes! Even though I adore Venus, I would most likely be Mercury, but If I could choose my own color scheme it would probably be a light pink :)

38 minutes ago
sleepyryu left a comment for sureyoureKen

English. But today i'm working on a half Japanese, half English song.

about 2 hours ago
qwq left a comment for sureyoureKen

See? I told ya. We have sisters and Brothers. A whole family xD

about 8 hours ago
qwq left a comment for sureyoureKen

Potatoes r social vegetables owo

Yesterday at 4:56pm

Hmm, I think I would get very tired of hamburgers if I ate so many of them >< And I don't like to be in public soo a tent in a resturant is a big nono for me xD

I will check that one and see! ^-^

Yesterday at 4:04pm

but it also sucks, because everyone think I don't eat, and that I'm anorexia T_T

Ahh I will look it up :D I enjoy to read a lot actually :3

Yesterday at 3:50pm

Ahah yeeah I guess I can xD I'm skinny asf but I eat a lot lol :|

ohh never heard of this autor before o:

Yesterday at 11:20am

Hmm, okay why not. I'm pretty famous for eatong a lot of hamburgers <.<

Never heard of it? o:

Jun 21, 17 at 5:06pm

Ahh I want a prize named Maxi, not a hamburger. Max hamburger >< I prefer burger king xD or donken

Hmm okay then :3

Yeah she have tiny horns under her halo xD But all cats have that haha~

Jun 21, 17 at 3:53pm

xD I will have an Maxi please :D Yeeah it doesn't matters! Hmm yeah I think I heard that somewhere >< I really need to watch this movie now xD And I understand he didn't get it in this movie. He's not that handsome in this one :|

Yeeah she really is ^-^ She have climbed in the curtians and she scratches on the furnitures and runs around in like 200 km/s and screams and jumps up on my legs. She's crazy xD I love her ^_^ I do :3 I send it in messages~

Jun 21, 17 at 3:34pm
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