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chibi_chan left a comment for Sean

Hmmm im not really sure...sorry, I wish this site was a bit easier when it came to posting photos on profiles like on fb >_<

Jul 04, 16 at 12:53pm
Sean You still got the same number I txt you the pics ^^~
chibi_chan left a comment for Sean

Really, did you take any photos of the Shiro's??
did you cosplay at Comic Con??

Jun 23, 16 at 1:54pm

>>"< ^^~ BabyMetaL!!Gimme Chocolate d(^^)b

Apr 18, 16 at 11:10am
inochan808 left a comment for Sean

That's too bad. But their airport is okay. Lots of touristy stuff.

Apr 15, 16 at 8:54pm
inochan808 left a comment for Sean

Hi, you know, super stressful as usual. XD Cool. Did you do much or were you stuck in the airport?

Apr 15, 16 at 6:46pm
inochan808 left a comment for Sean

I see. I don't really like how people try to lump together Halloween and cosplay even though they seem like almost the same thing. Because I think that cosplay is more like trying to become a certain character, not just dressing up as them. I dunno, not that I've ever cosplayed but that's the feeling I get from it.

I haven't heard of the convention. I'm really out of it when it comes to those things. (-v-)

Nov 19, 15 at 12:53pm
inochan808 left a comment for Sean

Nice. New Orleans seems like a fun place to travel around. Haha, I don't know much about Baltimore. Try to make the most of it I suppose? xP
Nope. I always think about getting a costume but it costs a lot to make one and I just think if I'm not going to a costume party, why bother buying one. ORZ

Nov 04, 15 at 12:18am

Nothing, just browsing Facebook posts.

Nov 02, 15 at 1:23am

Thank you. ^_^

Nov 01, 15 at 11:34pm
GONE left a comment for Sean

Hey :) I am new to the site, and saw we have a decent amount of anime in common. So I thought I would send you a friend request so we can chat it up perhaps. :3

Nov 01, 15 at 6:38pm
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