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I Haven't Checked out Twin Exorcist Yet.. The Style Kinda Remind me abit of Kill La Kill. It Look Pretty Cool Mite Watch it here Soon! I've seen abit of Blue Exorcist; it was subbed at the time so I lost interest.

Yeah I like Anime Girls with White Hair very much as well! There's a few Purpled haired girls characters I've seen that I liked. Two Chicks from Highschool of the Dead come to mind. But some characters even if they are anime character have a hard to pulling off Purple hair.

Feb 08, 17 at 5:39pm
Soaring_Sky77 left a comment for lonewolfreasu

Yeah, I agree, My Hime, My Otome do need another anime that is kind of similar but then again alot of anime need it. I also liked Is this a zombie it has a nice story and animation.

Have a great day today. -Shane

Feb 03, 17 at 9:27am

Hiiii personnnnnessage me ^-^

Feb 02, 17 at 6:28pm
Soaring_Sky77 left a comment for lonewolfreasu

Hello, I see that we like/love some of the same anime's. I wanted to see what are some of your opinions on some of them like My Hime, is this a zombie, and make some light chatter.

Hope you're having a great day. -Shane

Feb 01, 17 at 9:05am

Hello. I'm Brooks Andrew. I like your Icon/ profile Very Cute & Chibi-sh. I think Blue is one of the Best un-naurtal hair Colors in Anime. Bulma from Dragonball series is one my my Favorites. I'm a Big Time Anime & Music Lover Myself. How about you? Last Anime you watched?

Jan 16, 17 at 8:52pm

Sup Sup~ Haha I see that Stardust 0083, great series (was tryin to get my friends to watch but they only like modern gundam stories ._.). I have also just moved to a new state for adulting so I understand the blahness. What do you stream, on PC or console?

Nov 13, 16 at 9:44am
ryukoomega left a comment for lonewolfreasu

hello nice to meet you i had a 41% match to you so i thought id try to chat with you =)

Oct 28, 16 at 2:23am
blake_lee left a comment for lonewolfreasu

Heya! :3

Oct 25, 16 at 3:59pm
cuppycake left a comment for lonewolfreasu

Hello! =)

Oct 15, 16 at 9:43pm
ryuhll left a comment for lonewolfreasu

Hey, hows it going. New here, thought we could chat. ^^; hows it going?

Sep 13, 16 at 12:27am
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