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Claymore left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

Pho 76 sure is a popular chain. I didn't know that they own restaurants over there. How do you feel about fish sauce? :)

Jan 13, 17 at 11:22pm
Claymore left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

Oh yum. Grilled pork is thit heo nuong (minus the hats and symbols.) Lol. So that's cool. What's that restaurant called? Is there a large Vietnamese community over there?

Jan 13, 17 at 1:52am
Claymore left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

I speak Vietnamese well enough for everyday conversations, but I can't read Vietnamese very well. So I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the alphabet. I'm also a Westerner. Though I have been told by other Vietnamese folks that I speak in both Northern and Southern dialects.

Jan 13, 17 at 1:36am
critjo left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

Atlas Shrugged:

I related a lot to Rearden's struggle (he's the guy who made the special new metal). He starts out focused entirely on his work, only being fully honest in his work, and playing along with the social games of his vicious wife and dishonest family. He realises his position through the story and comes to understand that by tolerating unpleasant people in his personal life is just as harmful as tolerating them in his business.

Rand was not affixed to communism as the ultimate evil. I don't think you've read much of her purely philosophical work. Irrationality is the ultimate evil, and communism (along with all other forms of collectivism) is one of many possible results of irrationality. Try reading The Virtue of Selfishness or The Return of the Primitive to learn her ideas better, they're both very good even if you aren't in full agreement with Objectivism.

The fact that some democracies did bad things isn't an apology for the evils of communism. The fact that democracy isn't perfect doesn't make it comparable to other governments. One of the important things that sets democracy well ahead of any sort of authoritarian regime is that authoritarianism blocks error-correction. In a system like democracy where leaders can be voted out, a bad leader with bad ideas can be peacefully removed from power. Any authoritarian regime will entrench it's bad ideas and violently resist change. So if the leadership have bad ideas, they kill you for trying to replace them and the bad ideas stay in power.

Or in other words: Democracy can go wrong and can make mistakes. Communism will make mistakes and force people to keep accepting them forever.

The EU commission is not democratically voted in. It has MASSIVE power and influence over everyday lives which it applies regularly. It is a governmental body that has power over the lives of people who in turn have no power to remove them from power peacefully. This is the essence of authoritarianism. So why do you think the EU isn't authoritarian?

Yes I agree that removing the House of Lords from power is also a good idea.

Dec 31, 16 at 2:54pm
critjo left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

Communism is essentially authoritarian - the authority of the collective dictates the life of the individual. Typically requires a specific dictator to control it too and make people obey it, but still authoritarian without a dictator.

I'm pro-Brexit since the EU is authoritarian and being part of it corrupts British democracy (see the EU commission).
We still have the House of Lords, which I'm also against. But *less* authoritarian control is still an improvement.

Also all the reasons anti-Brexit seem to be fearmongering stuff about how Britain will lose everything the EU offers, as if the EU is unable to trade with non-EU countries and somehow Britain will be totally isolated by not being part of it.

Yeah, some of the pro-Brexit people have bad reasons. But then so do some of the anti-Brexit people. What matters is the actual effect the decision makes.

What did you hate about Atlas Shrugged? I've read it a few times.

Dec 31, 16 at 2:43am
critjo left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

Added you cos I saw the political philosophy thread and you're classical liberal :)

Dec 30, 16 at 2:36pm

This account is back for now.

Dec 28, 16 at 9:29am
Best in the world did you figure out what happened?
Hecatia_Lapislazuli Seph pulled a switch and confirmed it wasnt the meta moderation shit.

Anyone getting requests from this account, I am Hecatia's side account :)

Dec 27, 16 at 5:02pm
Ed left a comment for Hecatia_Lapislazuli

ehh, so that's why I never reply seriously man. Lol, apologies for shitposting you with Allahu ackbars. :p

I'll try to answer seriously one day

Dec 27, 16 at 3:36pm

Ive been to all but Tay Ho how is it? Not sure if your a gamer but in the same lot as bonchon is a gaming lounge with anime items for sale.

Dec 25, 16 at 5:40pm
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