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freyasenpai left a comment for Yu

You have kik?

May 10, 17 at 11:03pm
freyasenpai left a comment for Yu


May 09, 17 at 3:23am
TheSailingTeacup left a comment for Yu

I found a doctor for you, I hear he's very helpful.

Or you could go with Akiko... I hear it's painful, but you're guaranteed to survive anything! :)

Or nurse teacup TLC

Nov 10, 16 at 2:14am
TheSailingTeacup http://www.absoluteanime.com/soul_eater/dr_franken_stein.jpg it's supposed to be Dr. Stein from Soul Eater...but it looks like it won't show the image. Guess you're left with Akiko! Ganbatte! hehe
dandaman left a comment for Yu

Hm what could Yu be alluding to with that. Surely Yu jest(as Change of Heart is broken/banned card. Or Yu think I will have a new view on things? Anyhoot, the "fling" is dead, as it turns out she doesn't like me "in that way." It is what it is, just gotta cast that fishing line again. X:

Nov 06, 16 at 8:38pm

One high is a low as its recalled.

Nov 06, 16 at 4:32am
kaizu™ left a comment for Yu

jealous of that RE attire though xD

Nov 05, 16 at 11:20pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Yu

Yeah but if you want to eat more there are probably ways to minimize the stomach ache. But to me it is similar to people drinking too much (but slightly more sensible because candy and kids often enough). You know its bad, you (usually) know the outcome is going to be misery, why not stop before you get to that point but after you've gotten your fun or buzz. I will never understand the human race. Though drinking to candy eating is quite a stark contrast, first thing that came to my mind.

If you wanted to see costumes, I honestly think a convention or certain Japanese discricts would be more interesting than Halloween. Here it's just whatever movies/shows/heroes are popular for the kids and whoever can show off the most for adults. At least cosplayers and geeks often customize stuff so its more interesting.

That said, I did see some entertaining costumes.The toilet paper tree pranks are still strong in this area so idk how I feel on that much. As long as I'm not cleaning up. Hope you have a good week!

Nov 05, 16 at 11:19pm
Akane 茜 left a comment for Yu
Akane 茜

That’s true, but in case of pokemons like staryu, it may be slightly more difficult to tell.

I’d appreciate your offer of phoenix tears. That, combined with liquid luck, might allow me to brew something more ambitious like the elixir.

I guess the passion for pokemon go has generally died down. When I was in MA this summer pokemon go was so popular that I can even catch people catching pokemon in lab. but after I came back to CA, I don’t really see people playing it much anymore at all. Hehe what an audacious pidgey^

I haven’t read much of michio kaku’s work but I think his effort to popularize science to the public is very respectable. Most scientists I know don’t go out of their way to do that, which is a bit of a shame. I found theoretical physics fascinating too even though I’m more of a chemist, so I’d like to check out michio kaku’s book once I got time.

Do you mean the subtle things they brought up in Bungou stray dogs, or Occultic;Nine?

Higurashi is definitely quite out there... I watched it a while ago, but whenever i hear the melody of ‘dear you’, those scenes flash back, and I still get shivers even though it’s such a gentle song.

The prof actually did quite the opposite, and decided to not give lectures at all and provided a page-long reading list and a pile of problem sets to work out by ourselves, and, ‘good luck’. In most years no one sign up for that ‘class’ at all but it’s an area I’m interested in learning more about. kind of involves applying quantum mechanical calculations to coordination chemistry.

Thank you and ohh re:zero…I liked that anime too, and this slow piano cover really gives the heart-wrenching feeling of the show doesn’t it…..

wow really? ocarina player is pretty rare. I love the sound of that type of instrument, and once tried ‘Xun’ which is a traditional Chinese instrument that’s basically the same ocarina, but never actually learned it. I can imagine many anime song being perfect for ocarina, for example theme of Monoke hime. I’m currently practicing a Japanese piece 'sakura sakura (a fantasy for piano)’, and i believe its melancholy tune would also sound very beautiful on ocarina.

That’s interesting. reminds me of those Chinese martial art novels, in which kyosho jitsu and pressure points are central for all the great masters. I was actually tempted to learn it too but didn’t find a good chance since even in China, it’s kind of a lost art that’s not widely taught anymore. but pressure point is still getting many applications in traditional Chinese medicine, and can be actually very effective.

Haha you’re right I should switch to Gōjū-ryū to be a real 'karate kid’^.

Nov 05, 16 at 9:38pm
Akane 茜 left a comment for Yu
Akane 茜

Sorry about the late reply. Well that’s too bad ╮(´-ω-`)╭ . I don’t have a ditto even though I’ve been pokemon-go-ing really hard. But, would it be possible that one of my pokemon is secretly a ditto in disguise?

You know, brewing up liquid luck takes ‘price', or ‘taika’ in dark magic vocabulary. Considering I’ve already had a ton of bad luck myself, I may soon end up getting liquid luck after running into several more misfortunes. Maybe we can make a deal after that.

Don’t worry, it’s a relatively new field. which means, even we don’t really know too much more about it than you do.

Haha sounds like you enjoy catching pokemon go players more than catching pokemons? I definitely enjoyed both. Is that local park a nest of some particular type of pokemon? (I mean, besides Pidgey or Rattata…)

Michio kaku! interesting. so you also like reading about theoretical physics?

That sounds nice. I really enjoyed ep13-16 in Bungou stray dogs season two, which tells a self-contained story. If i suggest a new show this season to you though, i’d go for Occultic;Nine since it’s quite a ghostly sci-fi story.

As to myself, i’ve been pretty trapped in lab and classes as usual. This term i’m taking one of the most bizarre classes in our college (Advanced Ligand Field Theory). According to legend, the ligand field prof created this class just to win a bet again Richard Feynman on who can create the hardest course here.

Other than that, I'm trying to make time to practice some piano, some karate and follow up on some anime of the new season^

Nov 05, 16 at 3:22pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Yu

Hm even if you're not big on candy or going out (neither am I) did you do anything to celebrate this year? or are you kinda over that too? imo you're never too old to dress up and goof off. just don't go scaring little kids or something and you're cool!

I took my cousins out, can't say I wasn't annoyed but was also highly amused at all the costumes I saw. There was this kid in a crazy dino costume like 3 times his size and it looked sick but I was like...yo how are you not falling over. and of course post Halloween candy sales are always nice.

Nov 03, 16 at 1:52am
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