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19 year old Female
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United Kingdom
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Yo do you have anymore of prince leos romance poems that shit is rlly funny holy fuck

Mar 24, 17 at 7:48pm

I love you my darling.

Oct 06, 16 at 1:59pm

Thankw for the request

Aug 10, 16 at 2:01pm

That's a pretty kawaii gif! It's nice to meet you too ^_^

Nov 14, 15 at 11:54am

Hello ^^

Nov 14, 15 at 8:46am

This picture made me think of us so I thought, Might as well make some horrible poetry(if you can even call it that hahaha, More like public humiliation for me since it's on your feed.), Because WHY NOT! hahahahaha.

No matter how many times I see the blight
I shall remember the springs
For even if I'm always forced to fight
That is when I first saw your white wings
AndI will Forever see the Light
From the hope they forever bring
and I will never leave
For you are Everything to me. <3

Sep 22, 15 at 11:46am

When you found me on the street, It was dark and I was alone
But now I'm yours and in the middle of my dawn
It shines nearly as bright as you, My Angel.
Pwease Wove your Kitten~~~

Aug 12, 15 at 4:04pm

Sweetest dreams My Darling Angel, If you have any bad dreams remember to tell me, and Know I'm always with you, And I truly adore you, Forever and Always~

Jul 28, 15 at 10:08pm

Sweetest dreams MY darling Angel, I love you, Forever and Always~.

Jul 27, 15 at 6:01pm

Thank you leia

Jul 27, 15 at 11:43am
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