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Too kawaii bish

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ice: how are you doing today?
her: date with my husbando
ice: excuse me?
her: my husbandos, husbandos
ice: oh you were killing bandos?
her: husbands
ice: oh i like to do that as well

Mar 27, 17 at 3:45pm

Mar 26, 17 at 8:34pm
almyraia left a comment for Too kawaii bish

I think I spent the most time in Ornstein and Smough's boss fight just trying to kill Ornstein first so I could get both transformation cut scenes. I had very little trouble with transformed Ornstein.

The monster placement in DS2 is just incredibly frustrating, in too many cases. Like, I spent at, 8-15 hours (it's been a while, so I'm not 100% sure on the amount) clearing out areas just so I could get through certain parts. I can't cite specific examples, but it was horrible. Like. >_< ugh.

XD Butcher is nickname. (one of his nicknames, I should say) It's just what I refer to him as pretty much all the time. He doesn't have a real name anymore, really. XD

Haha, yeah. It's a really irritating system, from what I know of it. But, I don't think there is too much they can do to fix it, unless maybe they started matching people based on their actual end-game scores; that might work in some cases.

I actually just recently started helping people out with bosses in DS3. It is so much fun! like, the fact that you can only communicate with wooden carvings and gestures is probably one of the best things ever. So many "praise the suns" and "thank yous." Or, people will change their armor (people really like putting on the mimic helm at the end of a co-op fight). It's just really cool. I wanna dabble more with the multiplayer parts of DS3 eventually. XD

Yeah- I don't know how to feel about how straightforward it was. On one hand, I really liked it, because I was almost never confused. But, at the same time, it did make the world feel a little different. I can't quite put my finger on it. The chalice dungeons were...interesting, too. I didn't actually have to look up anything until the end, and that's only because I had no clue how to get a third umbilical cord piece. Yeah, the healing thing was a bit of an adjustment for me. But, I found it painfully easy to get souls (err...blood echoes?) in that game, so buying a bunch of blood vials for storage was really easy. My favorite weapon, concept wise, is, I'm not sure. I beat the game with the Holy Sword weapon.

From what I've heard, Demon Souls is harder. I want to play that game pretty badly. I have to do some more research on whether Demon Souls is part of the game pool that the Playstation Now subscription service provides, because if it is, I'll prolly have to subscribe for a month or two XD

I think you can jump into the DS world at either DS1 or DS3. Honestly, after playing all of them, I still think playing DS3 first is the easiest way to get into the series. It's a lot more user-friendly and is an easier overall game, imo. It also is less confusing and more straightforward. Once I played through DS3 (and most of DS2), I had next to no trouble with DS1. They're really amazing games; I'm super glad DS3 got so much attention and popularity. With the DS world coming to an end, I'm hopeful that future Devs will give us games more like Dark Souls.

Mar 26, 17 at 5:00pm
almyraia left a comment for Too kawaii bish

I actually killed Ornstein second in my playthrough. I had a harder time with Smough than Ornstein XDD
Yes! That is one thing that DS2 had over one- the new game+ was much more varied and interesting. Monster placement and stuff is also different. However, I dunno if that's enough of a motivator to play for me XD

..uhhh...*counts on fingers*...he's 22? Butcher's name, "originates from the game Diablo II, where there is a character by the name of “The Smith” who is similar in appearance to the butcher in Diablo I." We never actually played Diablo II, but our friends did, and...the story is kinda complicated XD.

*was at first very confused, because Dark Souls 1 and Dead Space 1 have the same acronym* I don't know why games think it's a good idea to give unlimited ammo...especially in a series like Dead Space.

I think Riot has tried very hard to get their match-making system right...but, it still seems as though the only way to get out of bronze is to carry your team every single time, unfortunately. Carrying is not something I excel at at all. I suffer from performance anxiety, so as soon as I start to do well and people start to depend on me, well...doesn't matter that I'm ahead at all. xD It does suck though, but it seems like there's not much to do to remedy it.

I've only ever played the mini-game mode of DOTA- the stuff that's kinda like Warcraft III. Never played SMITE. As I said, I'm not much for PVP games. XD

Yeah. The bosses in DS2 really left a lot to be desired. I mean, the Pursuer concept was kind of interesting. But, hey, I loved the Lost Sinner; she was sick as hell, especially with the torch thing. The Rotten was okay; I have heard that he is actually the reincarnation of Nito.

Bloodborne is sort of like Dark Souls, in my opinion. But, the weapon system is very different, and I did really appreciate the uniqueness of the weapons. It actually made me want to try out a few weapons. Like, there's a Katana that constantly drains your health if you use it, but it does extreme damage. There is also a wagon-wheel-esque weapon. Really cool stuff. They also did a better job not completely confusing the player; like, the path was pretty straightforward. I wanna play through it again sometime soon, but, eh, school work and other games beckon.

Nice! Dude, my first experience with DS1 was brutal...before the character I recently played, I had a level 27 character I had played for 6 hours...who never got past the Taurus demon. Like. Holy Hell. On that character, I accidentally ran into Havel and ran away from him every single time. I didn't understand how to make the ghosts die or what I was doing wrong in New Londo. I was much better equipped when I started a new character, after my experiences in DS3 and DS2. Even then, though, I struggled in figuring out where to go in New Londo after killing the first two Lords. None of the bosses gave me too much trouble; Ornstein and Smough only troubled me, I think, because I faced them after playing throgh most of Bloodborne, and also because I was quite tired for the several hours I walked into their arena and died for no reason dozens of times XD. But, still a great and challenging game. Yeah, I hear the Black Knight Sword is pretty much the most OP weapon in the game XD #stillnotbetterthanthebroadsword

Mar 24, 17 at 6:23pm
almyraia left a comment for Too kawaii bish

Right? I don't know much about Ceaseless Discharge and Que'llag. Gwynevere, though.... </3 Yeah, I learned really quickly that you need a guide >_< I played from Ornstein and Smough with a guide and it was quite helpful. I would have never figured out 90% of it.

XD Butcher's name comes from...uh...apparently the smith in Diablo II looks like the Butcher from Diablo I or something like that, so he ended up being called Butcher. Nicknames are so complicated in our group XDDD Huh. That really sucks about Dead Space 3; he was really excited when he heard about it ^_^"

Nice! Video editing, huh? What kind of video editing did you/do you want to do? XD I feel you on the league fun/not fun thing. I never played competitive; I'm not into playing games for competitive aspects. I more like to play games for fun, and League started feeling a lot less fun for me. I play a bit of Overwatch nowadays, but it's hard to find times to play it because most of the people I know are very good at the game. I had also started playing Paragon, and that game is a lot of fun - mostly because it's a MOBA that none of us really know, so we're all pretty bad - but, Flightless is AWOL atm and if you don't have at least 3 people, it's not much fun, because you're almost guaranteed to have one DC in a PVP match.

Yeah. DS2...oh, DS2. I would have rather waited the extra years for Miyazaki to develop it. Bloodborne is a beautiful, well-polished game, though. For me, DS2 was just so frustrating because of the enemy placement and unnecessary frustrations. For example, the bonfire before Lost Sinner that has ACTUAL ENEMIES AGGRO TO YOU FROM THE BONFIRE. Bonfire is supposed to be a safe place. -.- Also, just some of the bosses were just pure....ugh. My good friend was playing the one DLC for two, and like, the Aged Smelter Demon sounded just plain stupid. I got to the second-to-last boss to DS2 and just kinda lost motivation to play. (Not that that particular boss was especially difficult, I just had lost the spark to play.)

Oh, this is a grand story!!------

<*vaguely contemplates if she should give the short or long story*>

<*blinks a few times*>

<*she nods to herself, knowing there is really no choice*>

-------So, once upon a time, long, long ago, in a far away land, not long after the release of DS3...I was watching Butcher play DS3. He had a phone call or something to attend to, so he handed me the controller and I just started casually exploring and playing. During my mini-adventure, I came across my greatest rival, the most horrible enemy I have ever encountered to this enemy I will refer to as "Jax." Now, some people would just call Jax a regular old MOB. But, I could hear it, beyond the gate that protected it from my valor. It moaned and cried in such a grotesque and irksome way. Not a care in the world! Almost mocking me.

I knew I had to find it and kill it.

I made a vow. I would find this enemy, this Jax, and I would end its life.

...however. My time with Butcher's game came to a much quicker end than I thought. As I returned to my own desk, I felt within myself an emptiness: a vow left unfulfilled. Thus, I downloaded DS3 from my friend's shared Steam account, and set off on my own journey. It was not long before I found the trusty weapon that would follow me through the universe of Dark Souls: the blue-hilted Broadsword. It was a simple weapon, sure; but, it matched my fury and I trusted it to take my enemies down. With my reliable Broadsword at my side, I forged onward, to defeat Jax and take back my pride. Thus, I played thorough DS3. I struggled and fought and toiled. I swung my beloved blade and cut through everything in my path; no matter the time taken, I always found success in the end.

In even such a short time, I became completely enamored by the world of Dark Souls. It was mysterious and charming, and the challenge put forth by my opponents filled me with excitement and determination (#notanundertalejoke). It was an amazing world that I wanted to spend more time in.

I traveled and explored, and I eventually found myself back in Jax's domain. With renewed passion, I burst through the area, taking down the most difficult opponents yet with the utmost might. Then, finally, I found Jax. I stood above it on a balcony, a most heinous shadow cast over my face as I stared down at it. It just sat there, cloaked back turned to me, wailing as loudly as it ever had. With a smug grunt, I jumped from the staircase, landing with a loud thud on the ground behind it. Taking a few paces forward, sure that Jax knew I was there, I felt the blood surge through my veins. Still, Jax did not turn around. Scornful, I drew my blade, gripping my Broadsword's freezing hilt tightly. I cast my blade down upon it, and Jax's life came to a hasty, gruesome end. My laughter filled the chilly air around me. Jax quickly found its end by my blade's sharp edge.

By this time, however, I had made it quite far in the game. I was about halfway through, around thirty hours of my life already devoted to Jax's defeat. Butcher, Flightless, and our other friend, Rex, had been playing through DS3 together. I knew that they had just gone through the area I was currently in, but they had to go on hiatus to wait for Rex, who had to take breaks because of wrist issues, family involvement, and other obligations. In the back of my mind, a goal quickly formed. I thought to myself, "I bet that I can finish my journey before that trio; what a laugh that would be!" And, so, for a week straight, I no-lifed DS3. I faced more difficulty than I every had before. My emotions boiled. I swore and seethed (#seathed) and clenched my teeth. But, with my loving Broadsword at my side, I knew I could accomplish the feat. Finally, in an act of pure irony and hilarity, I beat DS3 before Flightless, Butcher, and Rex, who had all sought so strongly to play the game, whereas I, a mere amateur to the Dark Souls world, had conquered the DS3 world far prior to them.

As mentioned before, the world had drug me into it, far and without mercy. I decided to move onto DS2, because I had heard of the trials and tribulations that came with DS1. I didn't think I was ready for that yet. I quickly found how different and how bad DS2 was, compared to DS3. The world was still interesting, but not nearly as...addicting. The bosses were repetitive and sometimes just purely infuriating. The characters did not sneak their way into my heart, and I found myself wanting to depart the world of DS2. And so, I vanished. I parted from DS2's confusing and contradictory universe, and faded from the Dark Souls world for a long time.

<*sidenote: this story would be very much more detailed if I wasn't excluding spoilers. Q_Q*>

Aaaaaaaaand, yeah. That's how I started out in the Dark Souls world. :D :D :D

Mar 22, 17 at 1:34am
Ed~ Jesus would be proud of this bible.
Flightless She does that =3=

Dawe how you been

Mar 21, 17 at 1:18am
Ed~ left a comment for Too kawaii bish

Git gud mate

Mar 21, 17 at 1:12am
Ed~ left a comment for Too kawaii bish

Technically speaking I just rose to Gold III on World of Tanks, skill wise ;o

Mar 21, 17 at 12:50am

-hugs! My friend I have indeed miss you#

Mar 20, 17 at 6:21pm

thx for the add

Mar 20, 17 at 12:54am
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