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Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

Lord Helix doesnt serve you
You serve Lord Helix!
This just meant that your faith wasnt enough in THE Lord and therefore THE Lord didnt acknowledge you.

That sounds like heaven! ... for a while

If you eat the same stuff every day you get bored of it really fast.
Thats what i have with potatoes.
Well thats why variety is so important dontcha think ? ^_^


Dontchuu want to have superpowers?

Jul 20, 17 at 11:13am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

Im dissapointed that our Lord Helix wasnt mentioned in all this.
But gotta agree, bidoof is tha (poke)man!

*starts arguing and.protesting heavily*
The holy trinity >.> the only one who deserves to be in that are noodles

Nah bread, soup, rice pasta
Those kinda things man, its not like i live unhealthy!
But like getting some fruit once in a while just really helps ^_^(if you dont forget to eat em)

True that
And thank you! Gonna need it xD

Yeah it might have been
But i prefer to keep those things more hidden, its not like everyone can use them
You gotta have the forc(e)heat!
And we dont need more *superheroes* right? :3

Jul 15, 17 at 8:46pm
Satoshi19 left a comment for kaizu™

Thanks! It's nice to to find a website to chat about anime

Jul 10, 17 at 10:54pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

why would i be ashamed of that >.> being nerdy isnt bad xD

Well 12 hamburgers for just 2 euro is a reasonable price tho, i can eat 3 days of those and vegetables are usually more expensive or same price and cmon, hamburgers taste better tbf.

College gets funded for a few years, but i ve worked a few jobs part time ofc, its hard to find a decent one that works well, while going to school >.>

Life? whats that xD
Its all bout dem cheats bruh

Jul 04, 17 at 6:29pm
sakura2024 left a comment for kaizu™

Nice to meet you, too! I didn't have cable growing up, so I only saw a few episodes of Sailor Moon, but really liked it. So, when I saw that it was an anime, I decided to watch it start to finish. However, I'm not the biggest fan of Crystal. I have watched some more Digimon, but it is so time consuming, due to there being so many episodes and I do not have that much time right now. So, I am focusing on anime with few episodes. Right now I'm watching Aldnoah. Zero.

Jul 01, 17 at 11:53am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

Hehehe thank you for recognizing this piece of art ^_^

Well okay you got me there its always better then nothing indeed
Unless you buy 24 hamburgers and eat 12 of em as dinner xD

Yeah well i ll prob find a job in vacation but otherwise ill have vacation until september so plenty of time my man

Actually it tasted pretty good as long as ita really cold
I guess you cant judge a soda by ehm ... its title xD

Lifes just an impossible game man, the only way to survive is finding these specific cheats that you have gotten from your genetics and apply em ^_^

Jun 28, 17 at 7:14pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

I dont goof off bro
I use my valuable night time to watch the most breathtaking visualing experiences on my pixelated viewcase!

Hmm i cant be bothered to buy bars or smth like that
Im unhealthy as fuck xD
I usually eat noodles or like bread with kebab in it ^_^

Nah i got it fam i have vacation now so ill be even more nocturnal if its possible xD

Yeah true currently im drinking a soda called Dr.Foots ...
Yeah i dunno why, it was cheap xD

well thats fine then he can smell the bs thats gonna be thrown at him with cheats enabled:D


Jun 22, 17 at 6:57pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

Well technically its morning right now
So i guess we can count today as one of those days? XD
But then again ive been up the whole night as well so thats where things get tricky :P

Dude noodles for breakfast man, best thing ever ( or leftover pizza xD)
Or sometimes some toast xD

Hey now you're making it sound like im avoiding playing with you T.T
Well fine if ya wanna go that way.
Make sure you have a headset next time ^^

It was more like * oh fuck, Dr Pepper ... i completely forgot about that drink*
You probably see it in every store there dontcha?
Here not rlly

And well y know
I was calling my old friend zeus
But that bastard aint responding.

Oh well guess ill have to deal with it myself
* turns invisible*
Well if he cant see me he cant kill me ^^

Jun 12, 17 at 10:13pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

naaah bruh breakfast is the most mportant meal of the day! (whenever im awake in the mornings that is) xD

its a shame im almost never home in weekends >.> and ill be busy plying TEKKEN7 from tomorrow on tho :3 ( finally the time has come!)

Oh fuck Dr Pepper! i kinda like that tbf >.> i guess imma real man then :D
and people who dont like pizza should be put in a specifically made continent , made for semi functional humans xD

well ofcourse i have a problem with him, MC's always struggle against a raid boss , but i'll find a way!( calls helpline for friends) XD

Jun 01, 17 at 10:42am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu™

nooo ofcourse not man xD
Just enough time for everything means that i have enough time to wash and eat before running out that door xD

Aaah that way well yeah liking dogs is a pre if you wanna do that xD
iI a dog fan as well and dogsit mah parents dogs often when they on vacation as well so i can imagine it not being a \problem for you ^_^

Yeah we do! well like i said, if you see me online just invite me! ill respond anyways if i can or not play.

well its not my sleep cycle for sure, when its morning here its night over there so playing in the morning isnt really an option xD

Well i almost have vacation tho so i have more time in the afternoon/day (if im not gonna work tho )so i guess more time then.

ooooh my bad well energy drinks keep me up sometimes as well, we gotta be pr0fessional g4mers with M0untain D3W right,
(kill me) oh wait kratos will already xD

May 26, 17 at 2:38pm
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