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Oh yeah I know about fangames I'm playing one and waiting for ep 17 for Reborn to come out ^^ and yus I may have wait for holidays to get it ; v ;

Nov 15, 17 at 10:20pm
midnightm left a comment for kaizu™

Lol hmmmmmmmmmm how did you know?

Nov 15, 17 at 1:19am
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

Sounds good.

Nov 14, 17 at 5:28pm
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

No spoilers since it’s an alternate universe.

Nov 14, 17 at 4:50am

YESSSS LUXRAY WAS HERE!!!! Yeahh I'm really enjoying this site ^^

Nov 14, 17 at 12:15am
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

The story is called Yamikumo, the Black Rabbit on a site called the archive of our own.

Nov 13, 17 at 6:51pm
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

Deku wasn’t dark. You’ll just have to read it.

Nov 13, 17 at 6:46pm
yuseii left a comment for kaizu™

Thank you very much!! Also I agree, it's super rare to see anyone interested in Boruto because a lot of times, the general Narutards are like "ITS NOTHING CLOSE TO LIVING UP TO NARUTOOOO" but its.. meant to be it's own story entirely LOL. Also I love in your bio "I could care less about sports and I'm a vegetarian to give some examples. Be a good person and I'll be good to you too." That's so sweet! I've tried being vegetarian / vegan but I'm allergic to a lot of foods sadly, mostly fruits so its hard to really eat anything else. x.x; Wish I could though. I am also a KH fan so I think we'll get along well! :D And it's always fun to meet another trans person; I'm just personally second-guessing it because I can't really transition due to having epilepsy so it's a bit frustrating haha

Nov 12, 17 at 6:02am
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

Boku no hero academia? Deku is a ghoul instead of be quirkless.

Nov 12, 17 at 1:09am
smuirpunk89 left a comment for kaizu™

I normally look for the one with a sexual nature but not always. I like crossovers if they are compatible enough. Like recently I’ve read a crossover between Tokyo ghoul and my hero academia. That one was cool.

Nov 04, 17 at 9:19pm
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