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Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

Flying car hovering car
Does it really matter? It can float for all i care but its cool and quick xD

You think its tedious?
I just stumbled on it when i was doing quests do i didnt think it was a bother at all. :D

Nah i dont have a thing for gladi but he just looks do badass.

I'm more of an ignis fanboy cuz i see myself in em a bit ^-^

Yeah i played the beta ( the beta ended on 23:00 on sunday for me tho do that was the weekend)

Yeah i get what ure saying and i agree at some points eith that style being an issue but its just the gore and combat with or against friends that makes it so fun for me.
Just sad that people dont take the title of the game seriously and be pussies.

Yeah i hate that part as well
Ive played a lot of digimon on ds since they were awesome i thought of doing more of em

Tales of is like a yearly thing almost now isnt it?
Last year the Tales of got an anime of that game tho and it was one of the best in 2016 tho so thats pretty cool.

Yeah i saw those

Starwhal is only local tho isnt it? I already downloaded it and its pretty fun ^-^

And yeah my valentines was fine

How about yours?

Feb 16, 17 at 1:29pm
Snowflake™ left a comment for Sparky

This fox says hello~ :3
thank you!! :D

Feb 10, 17 at 11:12pm
nekoja left a comment for Sparky

Hello Sparky!! My profile picture an art piece drawn by a friend. Glad to see you around!
What's your favorite anime? ^_^

Feb 09, 17 at 5:51pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

yeah me neither im only like 90 orso so i was closing in on the cap but i dont have to worry about that ^^

yeah it is! i use chocobo a lot more, tbf the flying car is ofcourse the best and quickest , but chocobos with music is gonna be fun ^^

There will just be dlc where you can do missions as one of the other characters , i think the first one will be that you play as Gladio. Hyped! :D dunno when it comes tho

Yeah im waiting for: For honor. that comes out in a few days.
Im a huge dynasty warriors fan so thats a game for me ;)

Hows the digimon one? havent heard a lot of it, but i need to up my anime games ^^, thinking of getting Tales of Berseria as well since the last Tales game was so good.

Well now you know. Sint Nicholas is NOT the same as Santa in the Netherlands we just have 2 different holiday stuff in one month, nothing wrong with that :D

Feb 07, 17 at 9:37pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

maaan you gotta keep up with this stuff!

They are upgrading the lvl cap to 120, they include listening to music on chocobos and a lot of other stuff.
and you can play as other characters in some way xD

Well St nicholas isnt christmas tho
We celebrate it on the 5th of December
Our christmas is just like the others on 25th ^^

yeah i stopped watching after Sinnoh cuz i didnt like Unova.
But i followed every league ofcourse ^^

And i know i count it as well hehe.
Now Ash finnally realizes how weak he is xD

Feb 05, 17 at 10:46am
blonde169 left a comment for Sparky

I like Chara a lot. Mainly because I believe she's not the real villan, because I watched a video on who the real villain of Undertale is. Have you seem that video before?

Feb 04, 17 at 5:58pm
blonde169 left a comment for Sparky

Yeah Ansem is still a mystery. He cut hair for a symbolic meaning. It's to show Sora that he is on his side and not the darkness. Yes the ending song us very beautiful. Gave me goosebumps. Definatly great music overall though. The music adds to the beauty and emotional level of the game.

Feb 04, 17 at 2:29pm
blonde169 left a comment for Sparky

I thought it was interesting to have the story from two different perspectives (plus I adore Riku so playin as him was awesome!). Some of the parts were confusing at times.

The dream eater games... Yes! They were difficult even on hand held for me cause I wasn't used to hand held devices (used more to controller or computer).

I did do a true pacifist ending and I teared up a little at little Asriel. When I play a game or watch an anime I get attached to a lot of characters so I cry or get choked up a lot of times with games or anime or even tv shows. I'm a wimp like that T_T

Feb 04, 17 at 2:49am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

Well they are busy with so much more tho, theres an big update coming soon man didnt ya hear?
And ofcourse i dont mean now, but if that might come in like, a year orso, that would be fine :D

I think he'd have fun threatening other kingdoms with his stature and provoking them too war, then stand on the frontline like a true king :)

Well probably St nicholas is something we celebrate and not many other countries do that i think but im really not sure about that, might be completely mistaken xD

And i havent seen Alola too far, havent watched pokemon anime since ash lost in the final.
But i still know every detail without watching it with all my feed going by xD

And yeah its historicalbut they werent attempting to do anything, Ash was the bad guy here so its only logical xD
As soon as they will they'll lose again xD

Feb 03, 17 at 7:48pm
blonde169 left a comment for Sparky

Hello :)

So I have not yet played 2.8 but I want to so bad! I don't know how much of the story is needed from Dream Drop Distance But nothingmuh happened (Don't want to spoil it sorry).

Undertale, I did try a genocide but quit halfway through cause I couldn't kill Papyrus... Toriel was saddening, but Papyrus... No way :'(

I don't mind the essay comment, it's interesting to read through long paragraphs like those.

Feb 03, 17 at 12:40pm
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