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Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

nooo ofcourse not man xD
Just enough time for everything means that i have enough time to wash and eat before running out that door xD

Aaah that way well yeah liking dogs is a pre if you wanna do that xD
iI a dog fan as well and dogsit mah parents dogs often when they on vacation as well so i can imagine it not being a \problem for you ^_^

Yeah we do! well like i said, if you see me online just invite me! ill respond anyways if i can or not play.

well its not my sleep cycle for sure, when its morning here its night over there so playing in the morning isnt really an option xD

Well i almost have vacation tho so i have more time in the afternoon/day (if im not gonna work tho )so i guess more time then.

ooooh my bad well energy drinks keep me up sometimes as well, we gotta be pr0fessional g4mers with M0untain D3W right,
(kill me) oh wait kratos will already xD

about 16 hours ago
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

Well uhm prob 08:00 xD
I dont like being up to early so i like to wake up and have just enough time to do anything

I dont get people who have to wake up like 1 1/2 hour earlier just to get rdy for the morning.
Its like ... you could be sleeping y know xD

Learn those dogs to feed emself!
You could get some automatic feeder thingy that gves food on a specific time.
No more worries about that, problem solved :D

I like my sleeping pattern
Going to sleep at 04:20 is the best time to go xD
I dislike coffee
Its not for me, caffeine is good tho :D

Naaah i know what you mean man it looks fine ^_^
A profile pic is important
There will be no bad profile pic on our sides!
Naaah (its a secret but pika is actually a mew in disguise) xD

*sees kratos charging and pulls out his red luring blanket thingy and avoids him*

Nah this is nothing xD

May 24, 17 at 9:33pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

Im definetly enjoying it heheh
Until i have my internships where i have to be at work at 8:30
So not looking forward to that >.>

Yeah but thats the thing right
You always sleep like 7 8 hours and if you have the day off you cant suddenly sleep for like 12 hours.
I guess its your mind routine that wakes you up xD

Well of i have to watch my native anime dubs i can finally go watch the 4th season of pokemon xD

(Jk but its sooo cringy i cant eveen)

Well the KYAAAAAAA'S are the best always amirite? XD

Dude the height only make him easier to hit, that slow fucker aint got shit on my moves yo xD

May 23, 17 at 9:14pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

Yeaah cant argue wuth that ure right :)

Maaan you getting up so early, if i dothat im like a zombie for the next 2 hours before i can start being almost productive xD
But i guess if you wake up everyday around that time you'll get used to it :P

Havent watched anything dubbed so cant really have any good input here

I got so dissapointed with some dubs that i dont even try em + the original japanese voices have just smth extra for me ( except screaming 12 y old girls... fuck that ( not literally))

I didnt say i would dismantle him, just if i could but oh well

* takes his tranq gun*
Time to soften that kitty up :D

May 23, 17 at 3:47am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

Yeah mostly 3/4 am if i dont have to wake up early ( which i have to the entire next week) >.>
Then i sleep till 10-11
And then i have like uni at 11:30
Its quite perfect if i say so myself ^_^

The only one i watch dubbd and subbed is DB
Just because the voice actors in english are so awesome

Well the duels is gonna be fine probably
They wanna bring normal monsters back and i wanna see if they succeed in it in the games xD

Why do i need to distract em, Cant i just dismantle em?
But sure get some help, meanwhile ill show him my manly manliness and see whos more manlier then the manliest of men ( i just wanna say the word man atm xD)

May 20, 17 at 4:29pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

Naaah maaan i sleep like half the night ,
Im fortunate my school starts late so i get enuff sleep :D
I still get like 7-8 hours so you could get away with that as well xD

Naah i didnt mean that
I meant that everything i watch rn is in japanese xDp

Yeaaaah i ve completed sakamoto desu ga that one was awesome! :D

Uhm yeah the yu gi oh id quite smth xD

Naaah not afraid man We're men! Were not afraid not anything! Not even kratos :D

May 18, 17 at 5:45pm
autumn115 left a comment for kaizu

You totally should have! I enjoy both the waterpark and the rides. You go on hot days that way you dry off quickly and then the water also feels good lol.


My favorite anime genre would have to be romantic comedies or just comedies in general.


May 17, 17 at 6:01pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for kaizu

its your call heheh and to answer pretty much yeah, school hours are pretty good for me so i can stay up pretty late every day.

yeah i should watch some more normal movies with actual english speaking people and normal looking protagonists, but not now! xD

aaah whats keeping your interest in anime now then? which ones?

and uhm the kraken dont affect me, only plebs cant handle the kraken.
Maybe if you send kratos to me that would be a problem xD

May 17, 17 at 1:39pm
autumn115 left a comment for kaizu

My mom and I have been getting passes to Valley Fair for the past few summers and are getting them again this year. So I will be swimming a lot there when I go. :)

I agree there needs to be more stuff to do indoors. Or at least make the indoor activities more affordable. Umm I am not sure I can think of any recommendations at the moment.

Yeah I am more of a cat person lol. Dogs are fine but I love happy fluffy kitties lol.

May 15, 17 at 1:48pm
autumn115 left a comment for kaizu


Yeah when its hot and humid I get pretty miserable. Oh cool!

I go outside when there are people to go on walks and stuff with. I am more of an indoors person though.

May 13, 17 at 2:20pm
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