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Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

Nice to make your acquaintance xD

And sure i'll wait for the results ;)

I did double team it once, got rekt by a follow me/fissure team with a fissure that hit every turn (bs) so why should I even bother ...

one of the many times i got rekt by bs xD
And don't count me off just yet!, I dont play OU but that doesnt mean i can't battle ( i usually play with mono or theme teams ^^) xD

and X was indeed great ^^ I got kinda dissapointed with 13 so i skipped the MMO and just saw some streams of it.

15 is so gud tho, think i have 120 hours on it now, Thats more then the entire 13 series xD

Jan 18, 17 at 4:49am
twinstars13 left a comment for Sparky

Thank you. ^.^

Jan 17, 17 at 12:06pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

meh baka country.

Yeah they have a few as well here which just enironmentally wise its just shit, but at least they try to do something about that here.

And report your findings later, im curious about that city as well xD
I do know about a miniature city tho
Oh wait maybe your friend meant a place where only environmental friendly cars can drive mb? cuz theres quite a few of em then ^^

ehm you can feel awkward right, so imo it's a kind of a feeling ^^ i think the word uncomfortable is more appropriate tho :P

and no fuck that unfair stuff, i got rekt by bs so many times by the battle maison i don't even feel like doing that in moon,
I battled Red and i instantly went away there xD

And yeah it sure is, just on my first new game + now just need like 2-3 achievements to have em all.
Best final fantasy game in a while for sure ^^
and yeah they get repetetive a bit but thats fine for me , its just another kind of grinding ;)

Jan 16, 17 at 10:19am
rukia158 left a comment for Sparky

Im also a dog person :)

Jan 15, 17 at 7:42pm
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

yeah ofcourse they have processese here that involves meeting the owners , and researching past experiences with dogs and housing environments and such so that's good ^^
It's also because a lot of animals were used on farms and such here so they value animals a lot here ^^ ;) ( nothing religious like in India and such but still)

And i really dont know that area , i should know stuff about my country tho ...
they are trying to stimulate the use of electric cars yeah, but its not a necessity.
They were trying to pass a bill to allow only electric cars, dont even know if it went through tho, havent really followed it.

Cmon man, awkwardness is not a manly feeling! shake it off xD

And true, like the defensive stats are always important but the others not really unless you want a mixed attacker orso

yeah i havent played much moon after post game tbf, just cant really find the drive to play it over my other games tbf.
Crrently trying to platinum FFXV( damn dat adamantoise)

Jan 15, 17 at 7:10pm
dre1194 left a comment for Sparky

thanks bro

Jan 15, 17 at 9:46am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

yeah unfortunately with the immigrants this country had the last few years, animal cruelty and such is happening way more then normally in this country as well tho.
Seriously are we the only country that have those? I actually never thought about that omg xD

and ehm cycling around... you mean every city in this country? this country is just full of bikes and you can rent em almost everywhere as well xD

Yeah that mancave cant get manly enough without a manly person manning that mancave with some overwhelming manly action xD
Binge watching those will make you the man of man! ^^

yeah i know I have a few hacked ones as well, but i dont use em because i dont want to.
I have like legendaries shiny but i dont use legendaries to battle as well.
It's more about fun then winning for me at pokémon( dont get me wrong i wanna win tho)
But not with the usual strats ^^

the usual pokemon i battle with are usually 4 mb 5 IV because getting shiny 6iv is just a pain in the ass and most of the time you dont even need it.

And thanks for the offer ^^, i had a full pokedex on oras so i should be fine gettng that pokedex on moon as well.
I usually like to complete it myself with trading and such first tho ^^

I just checked and pokebank update should come out in January 2017 so i guess soon :D

Aah okay yeah, i get it ^^ i'm with you there, i like to play the lower tiers since its more fun to play anyways and not just the standard meta ones where you see all dem shiny 6 IV legendaries ( havent done it yet in moon tho)

Btw i think breeding got a lot easier now didnt it?
not leveling in the daycare helps a lot with getting multiple egg moves easier. ^^ i should really be doing that more in moon lol.

and yeah id like to battle sometimes ^^

Jan 15, 17 at 8:47am

Symphonia was for the gamecube. Then the PS2..then PS3. The sequel was released on the wii.

Jan 15, 17 at 12:27am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for Sparky

Hahah yeah true dat ^^

They have enough prisons here as well bro , but its true they closed a few in the last years.
So i guess thats a good sign ^^
I know in like the US its quite different.

And well the homeless dogs here will mostly be picked up by animal societies who treat them and give them to a decent owner
I'm really happy about that, when i went to other countries i was just shocked to see so many poor animals on the streets :(

That show should be the example of all men xD altho you might be forgetting about Golgo 13 . That guy is manly af aswell xD

Yeah true, well on Oras and XY i did alot of breeding as well, i think around 800-900 eggs so i know the pain of breeding xD
And you do giveaways? what kind? just regular competetive or shinies or both xD
I've gotten some good shinies from things like wondertrade wednesday and such but i bred most of em myself ^^

i think ive got 1 box full of shinies in Moon now, i'm proud of em, especially with my 6IV shiny Shiinotic ^^

Jan 14, 17 at 7:13pm
mandymei left a comment for Sparky

Thanks so much for the welcome!

Jan 14, 17 at 7:13pm
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