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milo0791 left a comment for cuzaku

Thanks for accepting, feel like I'm getting nowhere on this site because I'm awkward with conversations and stuff ha.

how's things?

Mar 26, 17 at 6:36pm

I wanna hump your titties(its a dare from the truth and dare thread sorry)

Mar 16, 17 at 3:40pm
Yellow Otaku left a comment for cuzaku

Hi, it's been a while. How are you?

Mar 15, 17 at 10:23pm
SnowyVee left a comment for cuzaku

Sure thing! I'll send a request so I don't spam your profile away. n.n

Mar 15, 17 at 5:42pm
SnowyVee left a comment for cuzaku

Hello! I relate pretty well to your 'Info' profile. I like to imagine I'm a secretive tsundere. I have moments where I'm really soppy with friends, but then try to mask it like it didn't happen.(obviously can't BE exactly tsundere as it'd end up with the police! xD)

I would be happy enough even to discuss anxiety with you! I suffer from it too. But I don't let it shut me down! I found you through our similar anime interests. I am new here and usually shy so please forgive me if this is creepy or anything. My friends all tell me not to worry, but I like to be a bit verbose at times. ^-^


Mar 11, 17 at 8:04am
nekobyakuya left a comment for cuzaku

What keeps you busy these days?

Mar 06, 17 at 4:19pm
leprechaun-lou left a comment for cuzaku

Thanks for accepting

Mar 06, 17 at 11:35am
Peekhatsjoe left a comment for cuzaku

No problem ^-^
Hope we can be friends :3

Mar 06, 17 at 10:10am

Oh yeah. I am very forgetfull sometimes.

Mar 04, 17 at 6:05pm

Thanks for the add!

Mar 04, 17 at 4:57pm
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