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jayylu left a comment for Cerealia

I feel like Koe no Katachi is going to be the next big thing after it releases in the US. Funny story Kimi no na wa is the next recommendation everyone gave me after I told them about Koe no Katachi. I'll definitely watch it and let you know how it goes!
Otakon seems fun! I'll see if I can make plans to go to DC and attend. Will you be going next year too?

Sep 16, 17 at 7:55pm

Thanks girl for your sweet kind words. Helped a lot.

Sep 15, 17 at 12:54pm
jayylu left a comment for Cerealia

Haha sorry I actually meant Otakon this whole time! XD Yeah I've never been so it'll be cool to check it out. Haven't cosplayed before but one day I'll do it!
I just finished with Koe no Katachi. It was so good! I'm already telling some of my friends to watch it :) Thank you for the recommendation!

Sep 15, 17 at 4:32am
jayylu left a comment for Cerealia

So its actually a sad story?! I'm really curious to find out now; I was thinking of going to Otaku-con since I haven't been before. What do you think?

Sep 12, 17 at 10:33pm
onetrickpwny left a comment for Cerealia

I tried one was actually pretty difficult and also I think it is probably impossible to win if no one plays support...and that is on normal mode.

Sep 09, 17 at 8:12pm
samuraimax left a comment for Cerealia

Thank you for your comment!
I like your cosplay ahri! Really nice;)

Sep 09, 17 at 7:05am
jayylu left a comment for Cerealia

Koe no Katachi? I haven't watched it yet but I'll definitely check it out! Right now I'm watching Sakamoto Desu ga. If you haven't watched it and are into comedies I'd definitely recommend it. You should come to AnimeExpo sometime! It's lots of fun. Its about the only con I go to but I want to see more of them. Maybe Otaku-con? :)

Sep 09, 17 at 4:38am
kawaiiyar left a comment for Cerealia

Seriously! Not one of them! XDD Gotta save them to watch with someone special... Well that's my plan anyways :D

Sep 09, 17 at 1:55am
kawaiiyar left a comment for Cerealia

Darn,,, well if you have anything I got lmk! it's all in my info

Sep 08, 17 at 10:47pm
VeZeal left a comment for Cerealia

You need add your cellphone number to your account in order to comment under comments.

Sep 08, 17 at 10:26pm
Wesley-sensei This is correct according to the sites design, but does not always work as it should.
tsunpaper Incorrect, I have been here for several years and never once have I needed to add my cellphone number to the site in order to post under comments. As we speak my phone number is not registered with my account.
VeZeal Different things work for different people. I had to give my number in order for it to work, and so have others as I have seen in my time here.
Wesley-sensei Which is why I added that it doesn't always work as it's designed. And also why I said it's a mysterious reason. As it's been much debated.
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