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Soul Calibur 6

PM commented on Soul Calibur 6
Nov 02, 18 at 2:00am

But lol that response was funny


Well yeah, there's definitely games where unsafe play actually works since there's always that one very mash-friendly character who has pressure that even a total noob can make use of just by pressing random shit. (looking at you Gordeau)

MrPanduhhh commented on Soul Calibur 6
Nov 16, 18 at 3:37am

Best waifu/husband maker. Some of the custom characters I've seen look amazing.

samuraitamashi commented on Soul Calibur 6
Jan 10, 19 at 3:11pm

SoulCalibur VI is very special to me and I doubt I'll stop playing it anytime soon. Even, though, I am learning Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 as of now and there's Jump Force coming out soon... SoulCalibur VI is here to stay. *_*

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