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Speedish dating

I'm going to try. If it comes up as a huge failure after the three day speedish dating between said pairs then it was a bust. I'm not calling it good or bad till then just in case it works out for at least a few people here.
Aug 10, 19 at 3:30pm
UwU feeling defeated , maybe i shouldnt have made a post...... But there is always hope!!!! I will hold onto that hope
The first pair will be Zah and Mahboi. If I got the profiles right both genders in dating is acceptable. The pairs of members can talk here and ask questions they would on a date or if they're all right with befriending each other on mo can be taken to personal messages. This will be a three day speedish dating. Ask and talk about anything you guys want to. I'll post each pair in separate posts.
Aug 10, 19 at 3:59pm
im e grill
Savinangel and Rafael. It's up to the members to start communications with each other within this three day speedish dating.
Mary and Sadotaku
Aura and Chaise. This isn't a set in stone thing. If either one of the members that has been paired up wants to try speedish dating again please telle after the three day mark. I repeat: I don't expect instant Sparks to fly. Just a chance to know the other single mbers and talk to them as a date. Maybe find a potential interest while trying to find your one connection.
Age: 26 Name: Michael A pet peeve:when people go from super interested and active to seemingly inexistent and distant One trait you're attracted to: Assertiveness, dominatrix personality. Personality: ENFP The tolerable age Gap willing to date: 20-118 (Optional)One of your good traits that would be considered desirable in a relationship: I seldom lie, will usually just say what's on my mind (Optional)One of your bad traits most people usually don't like: If I notice a bunch of things add up and there's inconsistencies I will leave and not look back to see what became of you. (Optional)Men, women, or both: Women Special plus if they have long hair and its neatly taken care of! an average and onwards face it's important for me the rest it's irrelevant!
Swadian, are you saying you don't like neat hair and clean faces?
Aug 10, 19 at 5:03pm
It's really cool that you're doing this, so I'll give it a shot. -Age: 20 -Name: Simon -A pet peeve: When people clearly have something they want to say but don't say it. -One trait you're attracted to: I really like people who take initiative. I find them easier to talk to and it's always great to have someone who can just come up with different ideas. -The tolerable age Gap willing to date: 18-25 -One of your good traits that would be considered desirable in a relationship: Caring I guess. I'm pretty understanding, and I'm willing to do everything I can for the people in my life, especially when they need support. -One of your bad traits most people usually don't like: I can be a bit cynical and pretentious at times. -Men, women, or both: Women
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