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Whats the WORST part of breaking up?

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I guess it really depends on the breakup for me. I think the worst ones are when they cant even give you a reason or they pretend that nothing is wrong for a long period of time before they finally break it off... that crap drives me nuts. Also I hate feeling discarded ya know? Like trash on a street corner.


Knowing you wasted so much money, you know? When you pay for that trophy wife, you should own that trophy wife, and then she go and walk of with a few small loans worth of savings, it's horrible, horrible!


Feeling alone,
Feeling like you will always be alone,
Feeling like you wasted part of your life,
Feeling like your not good enough for anyone,
Feeling like your life is pointless,
Feeling Depressed.


For my last relationship... well my divorce, it was tough for me. But best in the end, I was seriously on the receiving end of both a physically and emotionally abusive relationship and when I was alone at first i continued the abuse on myself, I didnt take care of my health, and I perpetuated the belief that no one could ever truly love me again, she used to tell me quite often "If I ever leave you no one else will ever love you" or "You are not worth it" afterwards my belief system was so twisted that I did not even need her to tell me these things, I told myself them.

Its taken me 2 years to heal, to remove that horrible self perpetuating language from myself.

Now I still want her to be happy that is for sure, Nobody who loves themselves can treat another person that way but I am so glad to be gone because I am healed and stronger and will never fall into that trap again, I love me, me rocks, I have a strong relationship with myself and that is clinch

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Whats the WORST part of breaking up?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Mar 16, 17 at 11:26am
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Mar 16, 17 at 12:30pm

Well after the last one, worst part was counting all the money I spent lol.

On a serious note. The hard part for me is looking back and seeing things you could've done differently, you don't really notice the small things while in the relationship.

Mar 16, 17 at 12:33pm

Not having someone to talk to when your sad, and trying to trust people in the future that could be potential love interests.

Mar 17, 17 at 4:32am

That bitter taste for humanity that's left in your mouth? Lol

It kind of makes you feel like all your flaws come to the surface and are magnified. Maybe that's just what being in a relationship does but it doesn't really present a problem until you lose that person and then your just left with your thoughts and your now readily felt flaws...


Seems like for a lot of people its the being ignored thing and ultimately that you're used to them being around and now they no longer are so it kinda makes a hole.
Does explain why so many people here take the "I wont get too close to anyone so I can't get hurt" route. But for me the worst part would be the times that I still care for them after all is said and done. Its frustrating as fuck to care about someone that doesn't care about you or moves past you.

The reverse is also not very fun for me. Some people get off on having that kind of power over someone though.

Mar 17, 17 at 1:50pm

To realize that you never loved that person and wasted his/her time

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