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Why are you single?

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Jul 08, 15 at 10:30pm

Well, I am a bit on the shy side, so it's rather difficult to have a conversation with new people IRL. I may appear rude or unapproachable when people first meet me, but I am quite the opposite. Also, it does not help I have major trust issues. After a few meetings, I begin to open up, but it takes a long time before I am comfortable around new people. Maybe I am a difficult person to befriend? I am not sure. Lol.

Arc commented on Why are you single?
Jul 08, 15 at 10:47pm

Oh man, this is an easy question for me! One word; depression

Jul 08, 15 at 10:54pm

because most girls want some ahole that treat them bad. all 4 girlfriends i had all wanted me for my money. plus i aint best looking guy out there ether lol xD

Janza commented on Why are you single?
Jul 08, 15 at 11:19pm

Low self esteem after the fiancé let me for her best friend/brother figure.

Jul 09, 15 at 12:11am

Um. Because I'm too picky. And stubborn and I talk alot. Everyone says I ramble on and on and on. But I don't think I do. Well maybe sometimes. And then I like deep personal relationship. Most females my age are just looking for a piece of eye candy or a blank check to walk around with. I'm looking for a person with real emotions or at least some common sense because I don't have and then there is the fact that I sometimes blitz attack whoever it is I'm dating because... There is no reason. And then there was the time I went out of my way to get a step ladder so I could slap my bf. But he called me a pancake lover when I am most certainly a waffle fanatic. Grrr. And then there was the time I used algebraic expressions to prove that I am the ultimate overlord of waffle land. Those are just a few reasons. I guess one of my perks is knowing my flaws. Hehe

Jul 09, 15 at 1:47am

Because my baby moved on up the road to Boulder
And livin' there is makin' her so odd
She gave away her rockabilly records
and bought a new cd by Big Head Todd
We used to ride my '57 Chevy
But now she says that cruisin' leaves her bored
She's livin' in a psychedelic school bus
And drivin' round the country with the horde

Jul 09, 15 at 11:19am

I think for you Brigitte things will change dramatically as you grow older & wiser,
because typically its the guy who does the approach so all you gotta do is sit back
and wait .... kinda like fishing.

Like for example I went up to some ladies @ work n Kokuhaku on them only to be turned
down ... so I am sure it will happen... I am sure guys will come up to you ... all in due time.

Jul 11, 15 at 2:49pm

Why am I single? Well...because I gave up. The universe will not allow me to have a girlfriend or get married some day. I think if it ever happens, some inter galactic prophecy for the destruction of the entire universe will be fulfilled.

But seriously folks...women just don't like me like that at all. Don't get me wrong. Woman are great and I've tried really hard to get a relationship. Believe me. It's just that when I ask someone out, I almost always get laughed at or yelled at.

A nick name I was given by my irl friends is "rejection" or "reject". It's happened so many times that I've just decided to give up. I'm fine with it though. I realize that love and romance are things that just aren't ment for me. Forever floating out of grasp and that's ok. I'll just have to live with the fact that Love and romance just doesn't like me.

Jul 11, 15 at 2:52pm

Broke up with my ex. Yep I'm single, only looking for friends though. #singlearmy

Yu commented on Why are you single?
Jul 11, 15 at 3:18pm

Simple, I am slow, and am not driven to find somebody. Sure enough I will take interest in somebody given enough time if we connect still that doesnt mean im making it a thing that I have to as well. There is already enough emphasis on that,

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