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Why are you single?

Jul 05, 15 at 5:09pm

I'm not sure why I'm single, a few reasons come to mind, but their silly, to be honest I think it's because I just don't want something easy and cheap...i want someone that's ready for adventure, full of imagination and never settles for simple. If I'm goofy and their shy, let's have fun, life is to short to have standards.

Jul 05, 15 at 7:33pm

im too busy identifying wood. in all fairness im too shy im a coward haha

Jul 05, 15 at 7:50pm

wish i could be more open with strangers i tend to clam up haha

Jul 05, 15 at 10:03pm

Because I told my baby it was skateboard or me
Now I'm a cryin' cause she set me free
I said quit skatin' better get to work
She said bug off I'm a God damn jerk
If she don't lose it like I said she should
I'm gonna turn it into firewood

Jul 05, 15 at 11:32pm

Has anyone every considered just asking that someone. We all have that one person who got away. The one who got away from me now lives 1600 miles away. Not to mention im to busy working... Although i practically volunteer for free :P Go army. Sometimes I hate that little voice in my head -__-

Jul 06, 15 at 2:49am

Because everyone ends up hating me or not wanting to talk to me cause I always end up saying something wrong, I repeat myself, and I also talk to much to the point were either people tell me to shut-up or stop talking to me all together.

Uninterested. commented on Why are you single?
Jul 06, 15 at 6:35am

I can't really settle down- always on the move and well... im not very confident in my abilities to maintain one.

Jul 07, 15 at 3:50pm

For me it's really a multitude of reasons, most of them aren't my fault but there are a few that I can fix.

Firstly; Location - England is a country that doesn't take too kindly to otaku culture and we're a rare breed of people, scattered across the country. Doesn't help when I'm in the worst part of the country neither.

Secondly; They're always taken - When I do find someone around where I live, they are always taken or they simply aren't interested in me in that way. Alright for making friends but it's disheartening having to deal with that pretty much every time.

Thirdly; Not the ideal guy for 'em - I'm someone who has way too many flaws and issues, moreso than anyone should have. This is something I'm constantly working on but physically I'm not the most appealing compared to other guys out there, I'm not the smartest nor am I especially talented in any notable way and I know appearance, intelligence and talent is a big turn on for women when it comes to first impressions and I lack all three.

Fourthly; Still getting over my ex - Me and my ex had a lot going, we've even made plans for the future and seeing how we've broke up and still thinking about the things she said, it makes moving on completely really difficult. She's moved on no problem which is good for her but it's just another slap in the face from life for me.

Fifthly; Maybe I talk too much - Yeah I talk a lot, I'm pretty sure that's been made obvious at this point but the reason for that is because I'm sick and tired of people making replies with a small sentence or just a few words that doesn't take the conversation anywhere so I have to take it upon myself to actually make an interesting conversation so they can finally cough up some words. I've had people tell me that I talk too much by the people who barely talk at all. I doubt this is something I'll fix because I've met talkative women and I've had a blast talking to them so I guess I'm kinda proud of this reason.

Sixthly (Is this even a word?); I'm kinda picky - in a weird way I am very picky about my women, while as far as physically goes I like a lot of different and varying aspects about women from stuff like eye colour, hair colour, height and other certain aspects so I don't have a particular favourite in appearance but I guess it's more of a personality thing. I want to get to know someone first, assess their personality, what they like, dislike and how they react to certain things. Once I've found a woman with that ideal personality then I'll go for her.

Seventhly (Yep); The majority aren't interested - I see and hear a lot of guys saying "Women are picky" "They don't give me a chance" "I'm the better pick" when they just can't seem to accept that the woman they're after just isn't interested in them and it really is as simple as that. Yes, women can be picky but so are men - some women go after guys who aren't interested in them and get disappointed and the same goes for guys. I deal with that a lot (As I'm sure a lot of us here do) and objectively assessing my personality and attributes I can honestly understand why a large number of women aren't interested in me and I honestly don't blame them; that's just how humans are. I am guilty, I've had women interested in me but I've never felt the same way - I feel bad about it, sure but I don't see the reason of going with someone who I'm not interested in, I'm not desperate. But honestly despite everything I want a woman who's very interested in me and can accept my large amounts of glaring flaws. Of course someone like that is extremely rare to come across but I'm at least hopeful about it.

Right now I suppose I do have a couple of women I'm interested in but I want to get to know them more before I make the decision on who I'm going for - the only annoying thing however is that they live quite a distance away from me and they're really busy which would make things difficult but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jul 08, 15 at 8:24pm

MY work schedule is abnormal . . .
I work the night shift n sleep during the day ...
on my days off I watch anime n stay @ home ...

my limited interaction with the opposite sex occurs @ work...
most of the ladies are taken...
I already did Kokuhaku on a few of them n had failed

Some may say I don't try hard enough...
maybe their right lol .. but I am on this site now at the very least ...

I make decent $ , drive a 2015 WRX ,
avrg looks n build ... I guess its my personality.
_ - _

Jul 08, 15 at 8:36pm

Hmm, I don't know. Maybe dating back to when I was actually going out and stuff, then to say..
Bad timing/ not good choice and half the time they sped things along too fast in the relationship.
Maybe I'm a difficult person, I'm not sure.

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