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Why are you single?

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Jul 01, 15 at 1:05pm

I work too much? *shrugs*

N/A commented on Why are you single?
Jul 01, 15 at 8:04pm

Need to figure my life out before I try to figure someone else's.

Jul 01, 15 at 9:44pm

Because one less morning I'll awake in a strange bed with some naked girl I hardly know.

Jul 01, 15 at 11:05pm


But Senhougahara is best.

Actually never mind.



Jul 02, 15 at 11:10pm

its probably cause i get anxiety and begin to kinda cringe when i first speak to new people. also when I'm in this state my thought process goes out the window and I'm unable say anything aside from simple responses.

Jul 04, 15 at 5:06am


I have some severe anxiety problems when it comes to talking to a girl I'm crushing on. I spend weeks or even months agonizing over what to say and when to say it, and then when I finally get the courage and morale support to go and do it, all that comes out of my mouth is "I just wanted to say I like you and aslknlsnlajnlasdgblkgbksdajgflkagbkl............." Then, commence heart attack, if heart attack has not commenced already.

For those to whom nothing I say makes sense, try this visual representation:

Jul 05, 15 at 12:14am


Jul 05, 15 at 12:16am

Three relationships. All turned bad. The last ex I had she was perfect in everything. Anime, games, sense of humor, etc. Even the same religion.

Turned to Alcohol abuse and medication consumptions. Took her problems out on me and she left.

Ive grown to have a severe case of "I can't trust anybody" syndrome along with "There is no true love" mentality.

My respect towards women never faulters out though. Its just my personal issues.

Novuh commented on Why are you single?
Jul 05, 15 at 2:05pm

Because im ugly af? Shit, idk.

Tiger Festival commented on Why are you single?
Tiger Festival
Jul 05, 15 at 3:22pm

^ That makes two of us.

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