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Why are you single?

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Saru commented on Why are you single?
Jun 30, 15 at 12:14am

More like, why arnt you single?

No girl understands my passion for strawberries. So until then.

Jun 30, 15 at 12:20am

I have no idea.. Maybe because I just don't know exactly what I'm looking for. It'll occur to me someday.

Rii commented on Why are you single?
Jun 30, 15 at 12:21am

I'm actually not single. :P However, if I WAS single, it would because I'm extremely awkward in social situations, I'm horrid at picking up social cues, I'm not the ideal "beautiful/sexy" individual, and I'm a closeted extrovert until someone gets the chance to get to know me.

Jun 30, 15 at 12:39am

Three types in this thread, career oriented, ego bigger than there head and socially retarded. I fall into the socially retarded club.But, I'd rather be that than just think since the women I've met or who rejected me represent the majority. Actually, most I've net have been very sweet. I only talk to certain types and so far that's not been a bad thing even if it hasn't quite worked out romantically. If failure seems to happen more often than not, it may just be you. Of course, ya know, making broad statements and generalizations helps.... I'm single, clearly all women are whores, gold diggers an bitches. Jesus...And some wonder why it feels like life shits on them so much.

Jun 30, 15 at 12:51am

Meh to shy

Jun 30, 15 at 2:32am

Because I lost my baby on a moonless nite, our dreams were shattered of our teenage lives,
Her severed head sittin’ on my knee, the words she spoke now hauntin’ me.

therogueknight commented on Why are you single?
Jun 30, 15 at 2:35am

Ive been single for a few reasons. 1. (Most obvious one) I suck at talking to girls I am interested in. I over complicate things in my head and end up screwing myself over. I worry about the impression I will make, the outcome, and what people close to me will think. 2. There are no suitable females in my area. They few Ive met do not want to be more than friends. That is one reason I look forward to my college years. 3. I have sorta high standards. I dont want the same shallow stuff half the people I have me want. I value deep lasting relationships and that seems to have near vanished among people nowadays. I wish I could find someone with the same values and morals as me, but being raised the way I was, thats difficult. So hopefully things will change in the next year or so, but so far, no luck. Every time I feel Im on the right track, Im hit up with the same stuff and to this date have not had a girlfriend or even a date. Hooray for for being unsuccessful with girls.


because boys call me ugly and because i am fat(not that much anymore but still.:/ )

Jun 30, 15 at 3:42am

Major reason due to my poor health, doenst seem too bother most guys so they dont understand but its a struggle dealing with that an school. So for the time being I need to get myself together first. Its all in my head I know but I dont wanna cause problems for somebody else, which they've told me over and over its not a problem. Another would probably be because im a lonewolf XD some guys come on too strong like really pushy. Too much attention will scare me away, too lil and I feel unwanted. (-_-) mainly that first reason though. Just wanna be alone for a bit, not forever.

Jun 30, 15 at 4:37am

Fate binds me to be single.
Just look at my face I just scare whomever I come in contact with

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