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Why are you single?

Jun 29, 15 at 10:22pm

I'm to shy to ask anyone out XD

cabbage commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 10:37pm

I only leave my house about one day a week.
I don't like making the first move.
I feel like I don't deserve a relationship right now anyways and a little like I'm too old.

Jun 29, 15 at 10:39pm

I think everyone should stay single until they find someone they really like honest opinion don't jump into a relationship head ass. :)

Jun 29, 15 at 10:43pm

Probably because I'm a quiet person and most women I've seen/known are judgmental and look for the "perfect" guy or are already taken. Besides I want someone who I can relate to anyway. :/

Jun 29, 15 at 10:52pm

My two career paths are oriented toward getting me to the point where I can marry a J-Pop idol, so my radar is basically turned off until I've reached the point where that objective can be fulfilled.

Jun 29, 15 at 10:59pm

Because all my ex's live in Texas.

コーリー commented on Why are you single?
Jun 29, 15 at 11:48pm
This account has been suspended.

I'm single cause I don't attempt to ask anyone out tbh.I like being alone most of the time but another reason is cause I'm never interested with the ones I meet irl.Mississippi has girls and guys into country stuff like fishing and hunting and I find those kind of things to be boring really.Being single for me is the same as having real life friends which both types of relationships heavily rely on same interest.And it's just hard finding common ground where I live :/ But I'm more focused on bettering myself anyways.Hopefully go to college and do something that I enjoy like Vet Technician.After that's over with I might look.

Jun 29, 15 at 11:56pm

Um... I tend to bored any one after some time since I repeat things I have said before if all we do is talk. I sometimes say the wrong things. I miss pronounce names when I make anime and manga referees. Most or all don't read the same manga or anime as me. I also don't want to spend money on a girl all the time. There is a lot of porn online, so there no good reason to get a girlfriend. I'm also fat, but I don't thing that's the problem. I also don't like having to say sorry all the time for the things I do. So that some of the reasons I can sum up.

Jun 30, 15 at 12:09am

I move a lot, when classes are in session I become very preoccupied with my college classes, and when they're not in session I'm always working on a project. I don't have a lot in common with a lot of people, my interests are fairly obscure and hard to work into conversations. My anxiety makes it hard to get to know anyone. I'm very quiet and I can't say anything nice about myself. And when I do get close to someone the problem that usually arises that I'm asexual and we both realize that our ideas of relationships aren't the same and won't work.

But in the end the reason everyone is single is just because we haven't met someone we can be in a relationship with yet. It's not a huge issue, it's just what it is and honestly, dwelling on yourself as a weakness in meeting someone is silly. I don't see anything I listed as a real fault. I'm busy, I have things I have to do and accomplish and haven't met someone who is okay with that. That's fine.

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